The California based social media giant Facebook is testing a new feature for its platform users. According to reports, the company is all set to add the ‘Short Videos’ feature inside its platform. After the ban of TikTok in India, the ban is proposed ban in the US as well. This new feature that Facebook is planning will show up in the middle of the News Feed and will surely grab the attention of the users.

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The new short video feature in the app will work in the alike swipe-up manner as was well-liked on TikTok. California based Facebook lately launched Instagram Reels as they respond to TikTok’s reputation, and now it looks to introduce a similar feature into Facebook as well. However, for now, the company is not sure about the scope of testing for this characteristic, but we were competent to spot it on the most modern version of Facebook on an Android device.

For this new feature, the Social media guru Matt Navarra also tweeted that the social media giant Facebook is testing this new ‘Short Videos’ feature within the Facebook app. This new attribute is very similar to the short-form video app, and also the style of video format of the platform will include the swipe-up feature for checking the next video. The new feature will be available for Indian users mainly. Though, it may not be accessible for all Indian users because at present the Facebook Company is testing it with a subset of users before progressing it out commercially.

According to a Facebook spokesperson email comment it was stated that: “We’re always testing new creative tools so we can learn about how people want to express themselves. Short-form videos are extremely popular, and we are looking at new ways to provide this experience for people to connect, create, and share on Facebook.”Spokesperson added.

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The new ‘Short Videos’ part of Facebook will be very similar to the TikTok-like interface, and the people like and comment on the video. When you start using the feature, you will check that there is a Create option at the top side and clicking on it for the foremost time shows a fresh Facebook Camera with an explanation that reads, that you can “Create and share short videos, and explore new ways to express yourself.” The new feature will add more joy in your Facebook journey and lets you add melody to your recorded clip, pause, and record just like how TikTok authorized it, and distribute it in-app. When you complete the video-making process users in users in users in, this video then shows up in the ‘Short Videos’ section on Facebook.

The ban of TikTok in India and the United States has given Facebook a new opportunity for these creators. Amid all these situations the Indian creators have by now started creating content on Instagram Reels and might now cross-post it on Facebook as well.Contact Fluper

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