Facebook’s research and development department, NPE, releases Venue, a new app that allows colleagues to engage in live events. This is the third experimental program that Facebook’s internal team released this week to experiment with modern social networking concepts. Venue aims, beginning with this Sunday’s NASCAR exhibition, to deliver a multimedia companion for live events.


The latest framework continues to be a challenge for Twitter, as the de facto “second screen” to comment on live events and engage fans. On Facebook, viewers also use hashtags for current events from Television shows and sporting tournaments and big political activities such as current congressional hearings or the presidential speech “State of the Union”.

The in-house curation team from Twitter also highlights significant events (for example), which provide simple summaries of interesting posts, videos, photos, and comments, etc. Although Twitter has some similarities, the Facebook platform adopts a new approach towards the second screen.

Instead of everyone watching the event continually mingle with their own opinions and responses, the commentators for the event hosted by Venue will only include established personalities — journalists, current or former athletes, or aspiring “fan experts.” It can also include highly popular social media celebrities. Such analysts will take part in the case by themselves and ask engaging questions and polling. The event host can also open brief, limited talks during the event at such moments — but the main emphasis of the app is not the fan commentary.

Facebook releases new app Venue

In addition, when using the Venue, fans don’t stay on their phone throughout the whole event. Rather, if a new “moment” is activated in the device, the app sends users a message. This is not like the Tweet summaries of these “moments.” We are one of the brief interactive chances for fans to take part.

The first test Venue on Sunday, May 31st, 2020 will be presented by Facebook with Food City NASCAR Supermarket Heroes 500 race. The in-app “room” will host social media personality, Nascarcasm. There will also be future NASCAR races in Venue with commentators such as nascarcasm, Alan Cavanna’s FOX Sports NASCAR reporter, and Landon Cassill’s NASCAR driver.

When NASCAR returns to service over the coming weeks, Venue will give fans a new and thrilling way to interact with fellow racing lovers from around the world – from their own homes’ protection and convenience, said Tim Clark, NASCAR’s SVP and chief marketing officer. To assist the wonderful collaborator like Facebook’s New Product Experimentation department develops innovative platforms, NASCAR was based on creativity. They couldn’t be more ready he said.

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Facebook considers that the new app offers viewers a better opportunity to engage with live events and fans. Facebook clarified in his statement that live streaming is the unique chance for millions of users to access material at a time. These live broadcasts often reflect a largely solo viewing experience while attracting significant concurrent audiences.

There is a little break as; fans definitely speak to each other about live Twitter activities. So Facebook should have a dedicated space for Fans, where people can conveniently view tweets from other audiences as they watch the footage of a dramatic incident — something Venue doesn’t do of course. Often included are online streaming sites such as Facebook’s own Facebook Live and Instagram Live, and YouTube Live and Twitch.

The only difference is that it affects the balance of power between Venue and Twitter. Everyone has the same footing on Facebook. In Place, the dialogue is led and curated by the expert.


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