World’s leading social media platform, Facebook is all set to create mini social networks that will enable users like you in engaging with their neighbours. This particular service will allow you to create your profile for sharing relevant information and connecting with the people who reside near to your location. This service works only in the case of users who reside within an acceptable physical distance. It is believed that this service shall be chargeable and Facebook shall even display “relevant ads” for its users.Want to Develop a app contact Fluper

As per this social media company, developing a hyperlocal social network is very crucial for the growth of social media in the future. Facebook is already testing “Neighborhoods” feature in Calgary, Western Canada and it might extend this app to more users if it turns out to be a successful one.

The company is testing an upcoming feature that motivates people to connect with their locals residing within an acceptable radius. You can post, upload, and share news in mini social networks that focuses on small geographical location.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that people are using Facebook more than ever and are using this platform for connecting with their immediate communities. You as a user can start off by creating a dedicated profile with minimal information. Your personal information and exact location is mandatory for creating a separate profile. The best part about this feature will be its individuality. Users that don’t have a Facebook account can also use this feature to engage with their neighbours.

This unique feature will motivate the users to share information pertaining to their local communities along with images of important happenings taking place in their neighbourhood.

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It is believed that this new Miniature social network feature has a resemblance to a popular neighbourhood feature “Nextdoor” which was created and introduced in the year 2008. Nextdoor gained quite a lot of popularity in the US and raised close to $470. The success of the Nextdoor feature motivated Facebook to create a similar feature. Facebook has not yet made an official confirmation regarding the public release of its Miniature social networks.


Facebook shall soon start a hyperlocal social network feature for connecting users with their immediate local communities.

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