On Tuesday, Facebook stated hackers just played with half-billion users’ data in 2019 and ‘scrapped’ those personal data by taking advantage of contact lists features that help people to find someone easily. An assortment of information about 530 million and more Facebook users was openly shared at a particular hacker forum every weekend. It inspiring those top-ranked social networks to explain what is going on around and people became aware of its privacy settings.

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Product Management Director of Facebook, mike Clark stated in a post, it is crucial to know the spiteful actors acquired this private data not by applying system hacking tricks but by easily throw away it from the Facebook platform before September 2019. This is just another instance of the currently disruptive relationship technology organizations have with fraudsters who break all platform policies internationally to throw away every internet service. 

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According to a US media report, the stolen data has included email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and some current data. In this stolen data there is no inclusion of financial data or any password according to the stated information of Facebook. Scrapping is a malicious tactic that is conducted through the usage of automated software to collect information that has been shared publicly shared online. The chief technology officer of Hudson Rock cybercrime intelligence company, Alon Gal said on Twitter that “all 533,000,000 Facebook records were just leaked for free”. He also criticized what he names as the ‘absolute negligence’ by Facebook.

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