Apart from Tinder and Bumble that rules the top position in dating apps, Facebook has also made certain advancements to its dating app to make it more popular among youths. Facebook has recently added three new features to its dating app including Audio dates, Match Anywhere, and Lucky Pick. However, the variations of all these features are already launched by the rival apps but Facebook seems to be completely committed to bring its dating app at the top position by constantly working on some specialized features to enhance users’ experience.

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The Audio Date feature allows a user who is matched with another user to send an invitation for a voice call, which can then be accepted or rejected. By contrast, rival apps go one step further and have the video chat feature built into their apps. The Match Anywhere feature lets users set up two additional locations to look for matches. Hence, allowing the users to hop between different places. It will be helpful for people who want to be in another location virtually. This is similar to Tinder Passport, which allows users to virtually be anywhere in the world and look for matches in their preferred location.

The Company is constantly improving its dating app to outpace competitors

However, this is a paid feature on Tinder. Lucky Pick will let you consider matches that don’t quite fit your typical preferences. As per the Twitter thread, this should help those who don’t have hard and fast preferences have an opportunity to still keep their options open.

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