eZhire application is introducing new updates to make it easier for the users to rent a vehicle on not just short-term but long-term leasing too. This vehicle rental company has gained incomparable popularity in such a short span of time owing to its credibility and cost-effectiveness.

car rental mobile appEarlier eZhire app was available only for short-term leasing options but now users can also rent the vehicles using this app for long-term options as well. Let’s take a look at the exclusive updates recently launched by the eZhire application for its users.

  • Long-term vehicle rental options: eZHire has launched long-term leasing options, providing cost-effective car rental plans for a period ranging between 1 to 2 months, 3 to 5 months and 6 to 8 months. The best about long-term leasing option is that the longer the period you rent a vehicle, the more you shall save.
  • Greater mileage: Now users can select greater mileage as the company has now introduced an option to allow its users to make a choice between 2500 km and 5000 km prior to booking a vehicle on the app.


  • Nationwide coverage: eZhire car rental service is now available all over the Emirates. Users can book a four wheeler from anywhere in the UAE as eZhire app has innumerable pick-up zones all across the UAE.

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  • Increased fleet size: eZhire app has now recruited new providers for increasing its fleet size in response to the rising demands of the users.
  • Enhanced Partner Network: UAE’s popular car rental service app, eZhire is entering into new partnerships by building a strong partner network and encouraging corporate entities across the country to join.
  • 24*7 availability: eZhire is now 24*7 available for ensuring that it lives up to the expectations of its users and offers them with the opportunity to go anywhere and at anytime.


eZhire application launches dynamic updates like long-term leasing, 24*7 availability, nationwide coverage, greater mileage selection, increased fleet size, new partnerships, promo code offers for users who are downloading and using the app for the first time, and expanded geographic coverage.

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