iOS Watch has always been a helpful companion, but with its new update. it is going to become even more helpful than it already is. Apple went out in public and showed off its latest and greatest version of iOS Watch at its annual first-ever digital worldwide developer conference. The company also announced that it will be featuring more fitness and health tracking features within the Apple watch.

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The newest version is called iOS Watch 7, and it is expected to be released alongside a new apple watch model. However, the revelation is scheduled for this fall, which means you just have to wait for a month or two. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have any idea, instead, we are very well aware of what you can expect in iOS Watch 7.

So if you are one of those curious individuals you like to stay updated with Apple, then we are glad to tell you that this is the right place you looking at. Being a top iOS app development company in the market, we have enlisted some of the features which we are expected to witness in iOS Watch7.

Sleep Tracking

Yes, you read it right. Finally, Apple is planning to release this feature in its Apple Watches and iOS Watch 7. It has been long rumored that Apple is testing out this feature for a long time. And now with the launch of iOS Watch 7 just around the corner, we can expect this feature to roll out soon. This feature can track the quality of your sleep including features like heart rate, ambient noise in the room, and your overall movement while sleeping.

Within the feature itself, you will be able to set up bedtime and wake up time, and based upon that schedule in the Apple watch I will help you get to sleep on time. The feature is called wind down which is aimed at minimizing distractions that’ll lead up to bedtime. The data will be tracked through the Apple Watch and will be integrated directly with the Apple Health app.

Improved Watch Faces

Apple always launches a new watch face alongside a new version of iOS Watch. But this time, the company has done something else. This year, Apple is making things easier for you to customize your own watch faces. The company has included a new interface to watch face customization that includes new complications. Now you can enable multiple complications on a single watch face.

From now onwards you can also quickly and easily share your watch faces including the complication itself.

New Fitness and Workout App

If you have used the apple watch then you know that it can easily track health and fitness, but with this new version, Apple is adding new fitness and tracking features. For instance, the company has added a handful of new workouts, which include a new dance workout, a cool down workout, and many more.

You can track your workouts within your iPhone itself, but all the data will be stored in a new Fitness app which will replace the Activity app. It is also expected that this new application will come up with a new interface and easy navigations.

Hand Washing Tracking

In times like these, washing hands has become more important than ever. Now, to emphasize the importance of hand-washing Apple Watch will help you properly wash your hands. The watch will use machine learning to detect hand washing motions combined with the sounds of running water. Now that’s just amazing, don’t you think?

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Once it detects that you are washing your hands the wash will automatically start a countdown, and if you stop washing your hands early it will tell you to keep washing your hands.

Cycling Directions

Apart from all the features, we have listed, Apple is also planning to introduce Cycling Directions in Apple Maps as a part of iOS 14 and Apple iOS Watch 7. This feature is aimed to provide a user with easy to read data along with Apple Maps that will tell the rider, how much distance they have covered, and when they should discount and walk the bike. With this app, riders can also choose a route in advance.

In The End

In conclusion all we can say, is that watch OS 7 will definitely revolutionize the whole experience of Apple Watch. If you found this article helpful in any sort, then do make sure to leave us a comment down below, as it would be much appreciated. You can also drop a suggestion down below regarding the topic which you would like us to cover in the near future. Until then, Stay Safe Stay Indoors.Hire Mobile App Developers

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