The CEO of Tesla, technological giant, Elon Musk was aimed at by an infamous hackers group responsible for doing some of the most heinous virtual scams in the latest times. In a report, TMZ stated that the unnamed account has become a reason of grief for various companies including Scientology, PayPal is now aiming for the CEO of Tesla. 

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In their recently published video, they have aimed at Elon Musk, claiming the authority he applies over crypto markets and the aggressively he uses it has transcended far beyond especially as it concerns Bitcoin, which has proceeded frantically to the late words of Elon. 

Unnamed confirms that though Elon has stands himself as pertained about the environment with spindle away from Bitcoin. TMZ has also reported that he does not exercise what he sermonizes within the organization itself-tossing multiple allegations against him and large level practices in Tesla. 

A Threatening Video Posted From Anonymous Account to Expose Elon Musk

The unnamed person additionally also hammered Elon on an individual note, opining he suffers from a “superiority complex”- nothing once dubbed himself the “Emperor of Mars”- and that he is damaging the working people and their ambitions by his rapid crypto trolling. On the concluding note of injustice, the unnamed person also said that “Elon is not a friend to the common man”, something which they counted themselves to be. 

In recent times, Elon Musk has declared that the organization has stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment for its vehicles out of attention that it will provide to greater fossil fuels consumption.     

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