To ensure safety for employees in electrical manufacturing, a start-up has turned its expertise to tackle the need for similar workplace security in the face of yet another threat: COVID-19. Vancouver-based Proxxi is introducing Halo, a portable wrist-worn instrument that will alert through vibration notification if found another band presence within 6 feet of minimum distance to ensure sufficient social distancing.

Proxxi states that the app is intended to ensure conformity with the standards on social roles at the workplace or job site. With the current global Coronavirus pandemic, essential work will proceed but it can be difficult to maintain a proper gap between workers without an alert program.

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The tracker uses Bluetooth to connect with other bands, as well as to hold a list of all of the other bands it has been in touch with in case of a positive diagnosis of Coronavirus, for internal contact tracing capability. The startup claims, however, that the bands do not provide location monitoring, and do not apply to any particular personal identification details for any single employee who wears them for privacy protection concerning exchanging information between bands or back to Proxxi itself.

The major motive of the band is to maintain social distancing by using a tracking facility. The reason is that important works can’t be stopped due to this epidemic, but still we can take safety measures to avoid it. Through this band, workers can easily maintain distance among each other to stop the spreading of this virus.

If we look back, we found there is various such experiment performed by different startups, but no one made a powerful impact among users. One of such experiment was Estimote’s wearable device for contact tracing among workers, which was used by various workplaces, but doesn’t get so much recognition. Whereas if we look at Proxxi, the approach followed by this tool is different in comparison to others as it is more advance. The major focus of this tool is towards active monitoring and spreading awareness among workers regarding the importance of social distance to be safe from this epidemic. The wearable device from Estimote is also focusing on delivering a visual alert system.

Proxxi claims that its Halo device can be quickly and conveniently set up and applied and states that it does not need a connection or configuration through a smartphone.

The rates are at $100 per unit, and on 4th May the company starts to ship them. The implementation of this tool includes both the mobile app and the online dashboards for monitoring and tracking efficiency and compliance of social distancing follows by workers that would be measure on-site.

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