Mobile apps are trending now. Most business owners are considering the need to get a dedicated app for their businesses. This sudden rise in demand of mobile apps has simultaneously increased the number of app developers in the market. Everyday new Enterprise app development company and iPAD app development company is embarking its way into the app development industry.

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Too many apps getting listed on the Android and iOS Play Store, yet only few are able to gain the necessary momentum. Over 86 percent of the market share is currently dominated by the Android apps. With the ever-rising competition in the Android app market, the success ratio of an android app becomes even slimmer.

Effective Tips for Android App Developers to Hit the Bull’s Eye on Google Play Store-

If you are an android app developer or run an enterprise app development company then make sure you follow the below discussed tips prior to launching your recently developed mobile application on the play store.

  1. Opt for intense testing: Testing your new mobile application is very crucial for attracting it the success and recognition it deserves. If you are running an enterprise app development company then ensure that you are intensely testing your android app prior to getting it launched on the Google Play Store. There are countless devices for Android smartphones and therefore, it is quite complicated for the android app developers to maintain a consistent UI throughout all the android devices. Rigorous testing of your android app will help your app gain recognition it deserves and garner success in real-time.
  2. Screen size: There are around 4000 android devices and this might make it impossible for the android app developers to test the recently developed mobile app across all the devices. This is why it is best advisable for developers to test their android apps on different screen sizes instead of different android devices.
  3. Operating system: Android Operating System version is another important factor that you as an android developer must effectively take care of. You will need to take care of the fact that you are developing an android application that is highly compatible with lower android versions as well. It is very crucial for an enterprise app development company to define the android devices along with the android version it wants the newly developed android application to discover in the Google Play Store.
  4. Presentation factor: You as an android app developer must ensure that your android application secures full marks in its presentation. You will be required to check both UX and UI prior to launching the android application on the Google Play Store. A catchy icon, appealing description, creative video tour and screenshots will clearly make your android app worth a successful shot.
  5. Effective marketing strategy: A creative and effective marketing strategy can do wonders for even an average product. If you want your android app to become popular and successful then do invest in planning an effective marketing strategy. You can even connect with the popular app reviewers for sharing their honest reviews with their audience on their respective forums.
  6. User Reviews and Voice Support: No matter how perfect your android app is developed and marketed, if you lack in supporting your users then there are probabilities for your app to turn into a massive failure. You must ensure that you are creating a mechanism in your mobile application via which users get to voice out their feedbacks, grievances, issues and suggestions. The failure to address the voice of your customers can significantly impact the success of your android app. Make sure you provide your users with multiple platforms like Whatsapp support, Facebook page, Instagram account, Email support, phone number, etc to connect with your support team as and whenever they feel like.


Android apps are critical to build. Moreover, the competition prevailing in the app market can make it even difficult for an android app to gain its due recognition and success. If you want your app to stand out amid the cut throat competition then make sure you are not compromising on its quality and marketing strategy.

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