The online marketplace has grown enormously within last few years with added number of categories for which people can shop for different products and services. From hiring an instant cab to a handyman, and from purchasing trendy apparels to groceries, there is an app for everything. Dubizzle is an exceptional online marketplace where people can buy and sell products from different categories on single platform. The app perfectly caters to umpteen categories from where you can choose to either buy products or can offer your used products for sale. The concept was initially launched by two Americans in 2005 who realized the potential of online market and started with a portal that catered to both buying and selling needs. Dubizzle Like App Development Cost Depends on various factors in this blog we will discuss all.

Today, Dubizzle has more than 200 million users in over 106 countries and its popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate. You can also make most out of this great concept by launching a sophisticated app for your target audience where users can access exciting features and functionalities to buy and sell their products and services. This blog will discuss the cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia that is much similar to Dubizzle.

How Does Dubizzle Work?

How Does Dubuzzle Work

It is essential to gain insights about how Dubizzle actually works so that you can deliver the same user experience for your target audience. To develop an app like Dubizzle, you need to consider developing two different interfaces in your app, one for buyers and the other for sellers. Allow users to register for your app through their social media accounts and easily create a profile to post their ads for selling anything and browsing different products to buy. Here are some prominent categories that Dubizzle entertains:

  • Vehicles
  • Jobs
  • Property (both for rent/purchase and sale)
  • Community Events
  • Classifieds (for selling furniture, accessories, household equipment, utensils etc.)

You can add some relevant categories as per your target audience and the things that they often look online.

Market Research

Dubizzle Market Research

Conduct extensive market research and try to analyze different factors to know the taste and trend of the online marketplace that you are going to enter. Look for some competitor apps that are already prevalent in your region and what you can add in your app to fill those gaps. Create a comprehensive to-do-list that includes your goals and objectives, and then the budget that you have for your Dubizzle-like app development project. The cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia is quite reasonable as compared to other countries like US, UK, Japan, and many other countries. Also, go through the entire Dubizzle app and try to look for the aspects that it has covered successfully. This will help you creating your own brand with adding certain functionalities that people would have missed in Dubizzle.

Essential Features for an App like Dubizzle

  • Social Login
  • Profile Creation
  • Ad Postings
  • Multiple Language Support
  • In-app Chat & Calling
  • Set Preferences location
  • Upload Images
  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Advanced Search
  • Push Notifications

Of course, you again have the option to ask your mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia to add some specialized features that you think can offer more convenience and add to the flexibility of users to buy or sell their products and services. Instead of adding too many features, try to be precise and result-oriented.

Why Choose Saudi Arabia for App development?

Why Choose Saudi Arabia for App development

Dubizzle is also an exceptional example of app development that was developed by a renowned Android app development agency in Dubai. There are multiple benefits to this apart from affordability. Development agencies in Saudi Arabia use the best advanced tech stacks to develop smooth, sophisticated, and stunningly designed apps that can create value for your business idea and offer you maximum recognition right from the beginning. Moreover, these companies are quite capable of delivering desired features and functionalities in app development through their agile app development. This brings down both development cost and effort to develop apps and helps you get a swifter project delivery with unmatched performance.

Cost to Develop an App Like Dubizzle

Cost to Develop an App Like Dubizzle

You will certainly get the best price for your Dubizzle-like app development project in Saudi Arabia. Before calculating the total cost, there are certain factors that you must consider bet get an idea about it.

  • Number of Features
  • App Design
  • Project Complexities
  • Type of App

These four aspects will majorly affect your Dubizzle-like app development cost. Hence, you need to analyze and evaluate the essence of these aspects well before.

Considering all the above-mentioned features and an appealing app design, and hiring the best Android and iOS app development company, the average cost to develop an app like Dubizzle will be somewhere between USD 30000 to USD 35000. This is an estimate to develop a native app from scratch for a single platform (iOS or Android). If you wish to add some highly advanced features, the cost may go as high as USD 50000 for a single platform. To play safe, you can start with a basic version of Dubizzle and then provide updates to it depending on your app’s performance and user behaviors.

End Note:

If you want to make most out of the cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia, you must approach the project with absolute clarity in mind. The more specific you will be regarding your app’s features and functionalities, the better it will get for the Android app development agency to deliver it for you.

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