Dubai based driving students can now rate the overall performance of their driving instructors on the Dubai Drive mobile application.

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This initiative will help driving instructors working as Dubai based driving institutions improve their overall performance. Driving students can rate their instructors after they have successfully completed their driving course at their respective driving schools on the Dubai Drive mobile application.

The roll out of this feature on the Dubai Drive mobile app was announced on this Sunday. The intention behind this movement is to encourage driving instructors improve their training quality and provide better services to driving students. The ratings received by the driving instructors will also have an impact on their annual work assessment and appraisal. The Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is planning to engage service beneficiaries, trainee drivers, and other community members in improving their overall services and deliverables. RTA aims at improving the performance of instructors and lower down the probability and occurrence of road accidents in the UAE.

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Dubai Drive Mobile App

The feedback received from the driving students will help in the improvement of the country’s training program. Driving instructors have successfully imparted around 1.68 million training hours that include both practical and theoretical from January 2020 to September 2020.
Currently there are more than 2300 instructors and around 2000 driving vehicles employed in the UAE’s driving institutes.


Driving students can now provide adequate ratings to driving instructors based on their overall training services. These ratings will have a significant influence on the yearly appraisal of the instructors and therefore, this will motivate them to perform better.

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