Dubai emerged from the sands to eventually become a hyper-connected business hub connecting all parts of the world in a unified effort to maintain a forward-looking ecosystem and its constant growth.

One of the building blocks of Dubai’s current status as the region’s tech and business hub is its attitude towards blockchain, a technology that now powers the global digital development.

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Blockchain hype has its ups and downs. Digital assets and cryptocurrencies enjoy friendly regulatory frameworks and adoption in one jurisdiction while suffering from national bans and lawsuits in another. But some things stay the same: people and companies actively explore, and the technology remains immutable, secure and transparent, bringing a pack of use cases on the global table of digital innovation.

In the post Covid-19 world, blockchain became a magic stick that helped societies and business communities to enhance logistics, health records, supply chains, financial and government services and countless other business processes. Picking up the pace in the blockchain space, Dubai implemented the Dubai Blockchain Strategy. Together with the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, these initiatives are to transform half of all government transactions on blockchain ledgers, deploying the biggest blockchain rails in the region.

Both People & companies are enjoying enjoy friendly regulatory frameworks.

Juwan Lee, Chairman of NexChange Group said that Dubai’s annual hosting of international technological conferences really cements the city’s thrilling status of the Middle East blockchain hub. The event, co-hosted by by NexChange Group, Evolution Group and EcoX Dubai, offers a rich agenda covering all types of business and networking activities, while delivering a high-level expert content on every aspect of most important and interesting topics on blockchain: cryptocurrencies.

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