Dubai based Indian girl, Ishita Karuturi who is merely 13 years of age is all set with the development and launch of the ‘Dunk-A-Bully mobile App’ for enabling the victims of active bullying seek help without having the need to reveal their real identity.

Interested in Developing an anti bullying Mobile App

This class 8 student has developed the Dunk-A-Bully mobile app for students to anonymously connect with the counsellors of their respective schools and discuss the matters concerning to active bullying and seek help from them.

This anti-bullying app is already gaining momentum and a lot of popularity even before it being officially launched for public use. Ishita Karuturi, the founder of the ‘Dunk-A-Bully App’ is raising necessary awareness concerning the act of bullying on hers and this anti-bullying app’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Anti-Bully app developer

The use of this app will allow the victims to anonymously escalate the matters related to offline as well as online bullying. Due to this sudden pandemic, schools and other educational institutions remained shut and students were required to take online classes for pacing a regularity with their studies. This paved the way for the opportunists to resort to online bullying practices by using certain digital anonymity tools.

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The sudden rise in online bullying is a matter of utmost concern as most victims feel traumatized from coming back to their respective educational institutions out of fear of physical bullying.

This anti-bullying app will allow educational institutions in tackling bullying by offering students with the right tools for gaining confidence with respect to the problems associated with online and offline bullying practices. Students can anonymously report bullying practices that they have been facing with their school counsellors and can even discuss with the latter in person based on their own comfortability.

Ishita has recently won the ‘Young City Makers Championship’ Title quite recently in the month of February this year and has also delivered a Tedx talk at her school prior to the development of her anti-bullying app. Ishita has a zest for reading, writing, drama, computer science, and video editing too. Checkout the best Enterprise app development company.


The ‘Dunk-A-Bully App’ will enable the students to raise their voice against harassment and bullying faced by them both offline and online with their educational counsellors by going anonymous. Students can expect the launch of this anti-bullying app anytime soon.

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