The mobile device on which you read ways to stop the spread of the Coronavirus can contribute to the contamination of COVID-19.

In a recent development, a Dubai Police scientist has stated that mobile phones carry infections and dirt that can become a severe health hazard during the times of this pandemic.

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Research conducted at various Australian universities revealed that the cell phones are the carrier of more than hundreds of microbes assisting the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Mobile phones carrying infectious bacteria and viruses, pose an alarming bio-security risk among people.

A research study has also unveiled that an average cell phone is a carrier of 25,127 bacteria per square inch. During these tough times, where the world is getting no respite from the effect of the deadly virus, it is an essential factor to understand that your toilet seat carries fewer bacteria as compared to the innocuous mobile phone.

Microbes are deposited into the phone as people use them most often while eating and speaking into them. The deposition of nutrients in the food assists these infectious microbes to thrive.

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Frequent use of phones in workplaces, aeroplanes, on public transport etc., will help the transfer of the pathogens from one place to another. Also, the heat generated by these cell phones encourages the infections and bacteria to reproduce.

Everyone frequently uses mobile phones. The infection and bacteria stay for a long time and reproduce on surfaces like the mobile phone.

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An average human touches his face more than a hundred times a day, even without knowing. The mobile phones contain a temperature-controlled atmosphere that becomes a breeding house for the pathogens.

Average humans barely notice the germs and bacteria that their mobile phone carries. By ignoring the sanitization and cleaning of screens and surfaces, mobile phones are becoming petri dish of many viruses and bacteria. It is posing raising major health concerns for community transmission of Coronavirus.

Research studies are also stating that virus once contaminated can stay for up to 96-hours on the mobile screen and surface. It is not difficult to understand the seriousness of this issue as because of a virus carrier device, bacteria are transferring to the pockets and other surfaces as well.

How can the spread of the novel COVID-19?

You can stop the spread of deadly infections and bacteria by taking proper safety measures by keeping your surroundings clean. The outbreak of Coronavirus has made us learn the importance of sanitization and hygiene.

Decontaminating the mobile screens every day will help in stopping the spread of novel Coronavirus. One should avoid direct use of alcohol-based sanitizers and other such solutions to protect the device. You can clean the surface and screen of a mobile phone with a cloth or wipe dabbed in sanitizers or other disinfectants.


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