Careem is an extremely popular taxi service in the Middle-East countries and there are plenty reasons to support this. It simply gets started with hiring a taxi “Now” or “Later” and within 20 seconds, you can easily book a taxi. Easy navigation and to-the-point features are something which make this app distinctly ahead of other taxi apps.

If you too are looking forward to develop a customized taxi app like Careem, this post will offer crucial insights on each aspect of developing a robust taxi app by a trusted taxi booking app development company. An app that can boost customer’s experience and offer them a reliable, safe, and convenient platform to hire taxis with just few taps on their smartphone.

App Development Components

A perfect on-demand taxi app must have three essential components; Customer panel, Driver’s panel, and Admin panel. So basically, you are going to bring together three different apps and make it run smoothly as a single platform.

Now let’s get little deeper into these components keeping in view each perspective so that you don’t miss out anything important.

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Passenger App Development

You have to be very specific while developing this portion of the app for your end-users. Apart from striking UI, the UX has to be astonishing and offering great convenience in using the app.

Passenger App Development

Social Media Registration: Allow users to register through their social media accounts as people often don’t like to remember too many IDs and passwords for each app they use.

Choosing the Vehicle Type:Users must get options to select an apt vehicle as per their travelling needs. Try keeping different categories like SUVs, luxury, five seaters, and seven-seaters.

Instant Booking: The booking process must be simple and swift so that users can book a taxi in the quickest possible time.

Push Notifications: This is the most rejoiced feature that you can offer your users. Keep them updated with latest offers and discounts on booking taxis based on seasonality and occasions.

Ratings & Feedback: Offering this feature in your taxi app will generate trust among users that you care for their experience.

Travelling History: Users must be able to view their entire travelling history through your app.

In-App Chat: If it has to be an app like Careem, allow your users to chat with a driver after confirming a booking.

Easy & Hassle-free Payment: Keep your payment system versatile and make sure that you use only trusted payment gateways.

Drivers App Development

It is another crucial aspect if you want your taxi app to be a success like Careem and Uber. However, there are many similar aspects in both drivers and users’ section, still we have identified some extra features that you can ask your app development company like Careem to instill for drivers.

Availability: Drivers must get an option to select whether they are currently active for any ride booking service or not.

Activity Alert: This feature will allow your drivers to notice any current activity by users in their location to accept or reject a ride.

GPS-assisted Navigation: This is a mandatory feature for any taxi app as it will help your drivers to find the shortest and convenient route to reach a destination in the quickest possible time.

History: A section where drivers can easily view their entire booking-related history along with due payments (if any).

The Admin Panel

The admin side of the on-demand taxi booking app is usually a web application, which is used to save, manage, and then review all the activities happening on the app. This is where you get complete flexibility to manage and control your app’s performance and make required changes whenever and wherever required.

Vehicle management, booking and invoices, complaint control, vehicle tracking, promotion and discount management are some essential features which must be there in your admin panel.

Tech Stack

You must hire the best app development agency that has several taxi apps in its portfolio. This will reduce much burden and will keep you at the safe end during the entire development phase. We have briefly discussed a list of software and technologies which are required to develop a taxi app like Careem.

When it comes to the online taxi booking apps, an app development company like Careem must be equipped with some latest and robust technical stacks for the following processes:

  • The Backend
  • App Development for Android/IOS
  • App Design

You can consider following software and technologies for Careem-like taxi app:

Programming Language:Kotlin for Android app&Swift for iOS app

Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis

Framework:Node.js for back-end

Cloud Storage:Amazon S3&Amazon EC2

Payment Gateway:PayPal / Stripe

Text Messages:Twilio

For e-mail marketing: Use Elastic email

Navigation: Google Maps&Google Directions

Backend Platform:Firebase

Social Media Registration:Facebook SDK

Taxi App Development Cost ?

To take this aspect into account, you must consider these following services that will be offered by an app development company:

  • Number of User Stories
  • Functionality Count of your Careem-like Car Booking App
  • Mobile App Design
  • Native App Development
  • Backend Development
  • Web App Development
  • Quality Assurance&
  • Product Management

The cost of development depends on the development hours, and this will depend on what type of development agency you have hired. Moreover, the location of app development agency also plays a crucial role in estimating the development cost. Western countries charge different per hour rate whereas countries like UAE, India & China have different per hour rates.

Still, just to give you a rough idea, the total development hours for a taxi app like Careem will fall somewhere about 100 to 200 hours and the development cost will range between 300,00$ to 500,00$ and an app that is fully loaded with advanced features can cost somewhere about 900,00$ to 120,000$.

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Choosing an apt Careem like app development company is a key factor in deciding the level of success of your taxi app, hence, you must consider the best in the industry. Cast-saving in this aspect may lead to serious troubles later, and we know that you will not like it at all.

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