Cross platform app development is a type of software practice where the developers need to create a single application that can run on multiple operating systems. It’s really expensive to create multiple versions of apps for different operating systems like android, iOS, Windows, etc.

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As each operating system demands different languages for creating apps, you need to involve either you need to involve different developers for creating an app for the different platforms or to outsource those all. If you want to reach out to a large base of users for different platforms, it doesn’t generate revenue.

In today’s world, where the advancing technology is growing rapidly, you need to choose some strong cross platform app frameworks to reach a larger user base cost-effectively. We have discussed here the Top 12 cross platform app development frameworks in 2022 that most the Cross platform app Development Company uses to create mobile apps.

Top 12 Cross Platform App Development FRAMEWORKS in 2022-

Top 12 Crossplatform framework

This type of framework creates a foundation for developing apps in a single coding system that can run effectively on different platforms. To balance the increasing demand for the cross-platform app, every Cross platform app development Company is looking for the best cross platform app development frameworks. Here, we’ll curate 12 of those.

1.     React Native:

  • React is a star among the other cross platform app frameworks.
  • Facebook created this framework and released it as open-source in March 2015.
  • The developers get support from a large communityof React Native.
  • It is a developer-friendly Java script base
  • React native use the same codebase for multiple OS. It speeds up the development process up to 30%. So, less time and low cost are required in app development.
  • React Native can create apps on various platforms like Web, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows, and UWP.
  • React focuses on highly responsive and intuitive UI development with the combination of ReactJS and JavaScript
  • The top projects based on this cost-effective cross platform app development framework are Skype, Amazon Prime Videos, Airbnb, and Instagram.

2.     Flutter:

  • Flutter is an excellent choice for developing a cross-platform app.
  • Google released this open-source cross platform app framework in May 2021.
  • It has an inbuilt graphic engine that aids developers to make a single interface for both android and iOS.
  • Flutter uses Dart programming language in place of JavaScript. The developers can write more structured programming codes with dirt.
  • This high-performance cross platform app framework gives the feel like a native app while working on a different OS.
  • The quote reusability (80%) feature of Flutter makes it ideal for deploying the app on multiple OS with a single code.
  • These features make it a cost-effective and time-saving cross platform app development framework.
  • Some popular apps like Google Ads, GPay and Alibaba use Flutter as their framework.

3.     Xamarin:

  • Microsoft launched this open-source, independent and streamlined cross platform app development framework in 2011.
  • Xamarin is most popular among the developers for its C# codebases. Thus, the developer of the C programming language can easily work with it.
  • Xamarin has 90% code reusability.
  •  It saves cost and time that brings remarkably advantages to your business.
  • Storyo and FreshDirect are the Xamarin based popular project.

4.     Iconic:

  • Cross platform app development Companies from startups to larger enterprises use iconic for building cross platform apps.
  • This open-source Framework was launched in 2011.
  • It is based on Angular JS and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create mobile apps and web apps both.
  • Iconic has huge support from the developers’ community.
  • The developer can create a high-responsive and intuitive interface with the portable UI toolkit.
  • Iconic based projects are MarketWatch and Sworkit.

5.     PhoneGap:

  • PhoneGap is a very reliable and flawless cross platform app development framework.
  • Adobe continued PhoneGap in the name of Apache Cordova from 2020.
  • This open-source framework builds an application by using simple languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So, the developers no need to learn new languages.
  • The development community of Apache Cordova is the largest community that is growing consistently.
  • The UI libraries of PhoneGap help the developers to make highly improved UI for apps and web pages.
  • Extensive backend support of this framework accelerates the development process with less effort.
  • TripCase and Paylution like mobile apps use as their framework.

6.     Sencha Touch:

  • Sencha Touch offers extremely powerful cross platform app frameworks for developing customized mobile apps and mobile web.
  • It offers 50+ customizable built-in UI widgets that help the developers to craft innovative and fully-functional UI for user-friendly mobile apps.
  • Senha Touch provides high data security and manages data in smaller packages like writer, reader, proxy, and store.
  • Senha provides the most prominent web application based tools as it is based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. It makes mobile web browsers more flexible and capable.
  • It uses hardware acceleration to make better the performance of the developed application. Thus it is a very cross-effective and time-saving framework among the other cross platform app development frameworks.
  •  Senha touch supports Cordova integration to access the native APIs along with the packaging easily.

7.     Corona SDK:

  • Corona SDK is an ideal crossplatform app framework for developing 2D Games and rapidly creating apps for mobile devices and desktop systems.
  • It was launched as an open-source model by Appodeal in 2017.
  • It becomes a high-performing multimedia tool by using its OpenGL hardware acceleration for graphics and animation.
  • As it is accessible to native languages like C, C#, C++, Java and Obj-C, it is a really powerful framework for a wide range of developers.
  • It gains huge community support among the developers.
  • It has more than 1000 APIs and plug-ins. So, the developers can easily figure out their ideas into captivating Games and apps.
  • As Corona SDK use Lua script, developers can easily take it up as the framework and library both. For this lightweight and easily embedded language feature, it is very efficient for 2D games, web applications, image processing, etc…
  • Popular games like Mandora and The Lost City are based on this framework.

8.     Native Script:

  • Many Android App development Companies prefer this open-source framework for cross platform app development.
  • It gives strong backend support to reduce the amount of time and code required to load an app.
  • Using, this framework provides direct access to all native platform APIs by using JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular. Hence the developers feel a native-like experience on iOS, web, and Android.
  • It was created by Progress in 2014 and 2019 nStudio has taken it over.
  • NativeScript provides spectacular, user-friendly, glitch-free, and platform-native UI without using WebViews.
  • Some NativeScript based applications are MayMyPhotos, Smart Evaluation, etc.

9.     Node.js:

  • This cross-platform app development framework is generally executed for developing server-side and network applications.
  • It is an open-source and completely free framework.
  • Ryan Dhayal developed Node.js in 2009.
  • Node.js provides a rich library of JavaScript modules that makes easy the processes of web application development to a great extent.
  • It is the best choice for creating video streaming sites, online chat apps, single-page applications, and many more.
  • Node.js has evergreen and vibrant community support.
  • The famous applications based on Node.js are Netflix, LinkedIn and Uber

10. Framework7:

  • It is more responsive and speedier than the other cross platform app frameworks.
  •  It’s compatible with React, Angular, and other frameworks.
  • The first version of Framework7 appeared in 2014.
  • This open-source framework enables the developers to build hybrid mobile apps which provide a native look and feel of the experience of the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Many Cross platform app development Companies use this framework to develop mobile web applications by using the technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Framework7 is also compatible with other cross platform app development frameworks such as React, Angular, etc.
  • Wappler, Blokt, Kidoverse are some well-known mobile applications created by Framework7

11. Titanium SDK:

  • Appcelerator released Titanium in 2008. In March 2016, Axway makes it an open-source cross platform app development framework.
  • It has schema-less databases along with Arrow DB that enables the developers to install data models with literally zero setup efforts.
  • It has pre-built integration with Salesforce, MS Azure, MongoDB, and MS SQL.
  • Titanium SDK provides Cloud services to pack, distribute and examine data.
  •  It has data high data reusability feature that is cost-effective and time-saving.
  • It develops apps in JavaScript that can run on any OS.
  • If you are thinking of brisk development of any app, Titanium SDK is your best fit.

12. JQuery mobile:

  • This free, open-source, cross platform app development framework is focused on creating platform-agnostic apps.
  • It uses JavaScript library and HTML for creating websites that are responsive and compatible with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • The developers can make highly customizable themes for Web and mobile apps by utilizing the HTML5-based framework and the ThemeRoller of JQuery.
  • It has strong developers’ community support.
  • It is nicely compatible with PhoneGap and other mobile app development frameworks.
  • jQuery Mobile has two varieties: a customized framework as well as a stable version.
  • Many popular mobile apps such as Untappd, Veev are created by using JQuery Mobile.


Cross-platform app is the only choice if you’re looking for the quality like budget-savings, time-saving, code reusability, easy maintenance and quick deployment in contrast with the native app.

These top 12 Cross Platform app development Frameworks in 2022 have a high demand to meet the growing market size for cross platform mobile applications. When the question comes to choosing the best cross-platform app development framework, not a one is fit for all tools. The choice depends upon the target platforms, project requirements, developer’s skill and the programming language,

The framework you select for cross platform app development has the most important role in determining the looks of your final app looks and your customers’ interaction. So if you are struggling in selecting the right framework for your business or you have clarity on what you want, just hire the best cross platform app Development Company for your business,

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