You might have tried some Real-time Apps while travelling to new cities and towns but the way S’hail offers real-time information on public transports while moving around Dubai is just exceptional. S’hail shows you the best public transport routes using different modes of transportation available in Dubai. Whether you are travelling through a bus, metro, marine, tram, taxi or even cycling, you get some cool features in S’hail to make your travel experience memorable. You can easily look for the fastest and cheapest route with simple interface and engaging designs of the app. Apps like S’hail are not only benefitting the visitors but local people in Dubai also have a smart choice to choose an apt transportation to get anywhere swiftly. A taxi app development company in Dubai is what you must look for to develop an RTA S’hail-like app for your city.This blog will prove to be much informative regarding each aspect of the app development process.

Features are the Key to Success-

For any mobile app to be successful, its features are a key element. People interact with an app through these features and the feasibility of the app depends much on how interesting its features are. You must consider the following features of S’hail app that have made it widely recognizable in entire Dubai today.

Dubai Tram

  • Arrival/departure time of all kinds of public transports
  • Fare price information for each mode of transportation
  • Check and track the departure time of all transports
  • QR code scanning for updated information on any transportation
  • Plan your journey in advance
  • Easy navigation across the city
  • Transport updates under Newsfeed
  • Nol-card top-up
  • Search Car rentals
  • Happiness meter as feedback
  • The app is available in nine different languages.

S’hail-like App Development Cost-

Developing a road transport app like S’hail requires several advanced features and a robust technical to incorporate desired features. The development cost of such app will depend on multiple factors like the kind of platform, technologies used, designs, and of course, geographical location of your app development company. You can choose to have a native app for some specific platform like Android or iOS, or you can simply go for cross-platform app development that includes both the platforms. But if you are developing an RTA app, it will be better to develop native app specifically for both platforms. Start with Android, and then you can provide updates on it later.

Shail Features

Shail Maps & Guides

Your favorites Saved in Shail

The per hour app development rate varies from country-to-country. So, it will be better to consider a company from either Middle-east or Asian countries like India & China. A taxi app development company in India will surely prove to be a wise decision. The development rate in these nations is affordable and you will get unmatched quality in your app development package.

However, if you wish to include all major features and functionalities like S’hail, you may have to spend something between $ 50,000 to 80,000. This will include everything from planning and designing to development, testing and even post-launch technical support.

If you want to create a better impression than S’hail, you can certainly prefer some advanced technologies like VR and AI to create a difference among your competitors. In this case the development cost of your highly-advanced RTA app will fall somewhere between $ 90,000 to 120,000.

The world is going Digital

Most people often depend on mobile apps whenever they visit any new city, town, or country. The reason being simple and straightforward; flexibility & convenience. Today, we have an app for almost everything, hence, offering an RTA app like S’hail will prove to be a gamechanger and to define the level of success you want to attain.

When you select a taxi app development company in India and offer a user-friendly app with intuitive looks and appearance, people welcome it open-handedly and your profit margin starts touching new limits. The way cities are adopting modern-day culture and strengthening their transportations, people find it really difficult to select an apt mode among them.

Rethink over the idea with all your creativity and imagination, and there are some efficient technologies and software to implement your creativity in the best possible way through an app.

Technical Stacks to be Considered

Java & Kotlin are the two most commonly used programming languages that developers prefer to develop mobile apps for Android. Both languages are fully OOP-supported and offer immense features and libraries to develop a robust mobile app. A tech stack for an android app that chooses Java over Kotlin, will face difficulties in innovating micro-interactions and in-app screen transitions. Kotlin is easier to maintain as it supports multiple IDEs including the Android Studio. You can prefer either programming language as both are efficient for android app development.  Android Studio can be used as toolkit that offers complete freedom to create high-performance apps.

Prepare a detailed project requirement document and keep updating the requirements as per market demand and current trends. Be a good researcher when choosing the right development agency, and just go for it.

Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

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