Maintaining good mental health is the biggest challenge in today’s world. Workplace pressure, health issues, financial stress and, relationship demands are the initiators to affect mental health. This leads to mood swings, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorder. Modern technologies are expanding in such a way that people can track their moods by using any Mood Tracker App. Many doctors advise patients to monitor their mood swings through such types of mobile apps. The mood tracker app is very beneficial for psychiatric patients who are taking therapy to track the results of their treatment. As the demand for mood tracker apps increases, marketers are trying to invest in such types of mobile apps. Now, the concern of the investors is the cost to develop Mood Tracker App.

Potential Users of the Mood Tracker Apps?

Potential user of mood tracker app

The use of mood tracker apps like Daylio, eMoods, Moodflow, and MoodKit, is increasing day by day due to the surge of mental health awareness and self-healing tendencies. The cost to develop Mood Tracker App depends upon the features you are going to provide to your users. So, knowing users of such mental health apps is one of the important parts of the investment. The users of these apps have the following qualities.

  • Those who are not ready for long-term psychological treatment.
  • People who cannot invest more time and money for the therapy session.
  • Those who think about the social stigma related to the psychological disorder.
  • People who feel awkward discussing their intimate problems with a stranger.
  • The young generations, who are going through tremendous emotional turmoil due to the problem of love-relationship, need such types of mood swing tracker apps for their well-being.
  • Self-aware people always choose these types of mood apps to monitor their depression and anxiety levels as well as to get relief from those problems.
  • Many people use mood tracker apps for fun or to avoid boredom. They enjoy the features and activities of the mobile apps.

Types of Mood-tracking Apps:

If you want to analyze the cost to develop Mood Tracker App, you need to understand the completion and the features of the leading mood tracker app in the market. Mood Tracker App development cost depends upon, how many complex variants, the developers need to add to the App to make it successful.

6 Leading mood tracker apps in the market:

6 Leading mood tracker apps in the market

  • Daylio is popular for monitoring the moods of the user and managing the low mood by “Statistics and Calendar” without typing a single word.
  • Worry Watch is a great option to track anxieties and transform those into a positive experience through its data-driven features.
  • eMoods is a great mood tracker app for the people having bipolar disorder.
  • aiMei is such a beautiful mood tracker app that has an excellent chat feature powered by AI. It also provides a personality test tool. Combining both features, this app gives the result of the user’s personality and improves the user’s emotional intelligence.
  • PTSD Coach is very useful for users who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, like military service members.
  • Calm is a meditation app. People having sleeping disorder find it as a very useful app.

How to Estimate the Cost to Develop Mood tracker app?

How to Estimate the Cost to Develop Mood tracker app

Now, you can understand that the mood tracker app requires a certain number of special features based on its target users. So, estimate the Mood Tracker App development cost is a challenging job. Mood Tracker App development cost varies with the number and complexity of the additional features. The Mobile App development Company in Dubai calculates the cost based on the time consumed to develop the features.

7 Common Features of mood tracker apps:


Most of the users of these apps have either low-mood issues or emotional misbalance. So, the developers create the app in a certain way that a user can understand his or her mind without expressing his or her feelings in words. Therefore, they need to include some specific features in these types of Apps.

Mood Diary:

The users use this feature to maintain a journal of their daily mood swings by answering simple sets of questions about their feelings throughout the day. It helps users to understand their emotional state and what necessary actions to take to improve the state.

Mood chart:

It is a visual presentation of the data collected from the mood diaries at different times. Simple statistical tools like Histograms, pie charts, bar graphs, charts etc. are used to display the data to the users.

Integration of Friend List:

Users need to share the information recorded by the mood tracker app with the medical practitioners for treatment purposes or with their loved ones to show improvement. The experts use those data to analyze their emotional state in real-time and plan for future treatment. Therefore, the integration of Friend List is a vital feature of such types of apps. Above all people enjoy sharing their achievements on social media specifically when it comes to their emotional level.

Integration of IoT:

This feature increases the Cost to develop Mood Tracker App more as it makes the app unique. It needs a wearable device like a fitness band or smart-watch. Those devices collect true data about your health, like Blood Pressure, heart rate, and pulse rate through the sensors and send it to the App. Medical practitioners monitor those data to give proper treatment to patients with psychological disorders like bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. as mental and physical health is interlinked.

Set Goal

‘Set a goal’ feature is a very important feature of any mood tracker app as it helps the user to set daily, weekly and yearly goals for mental health improvement. It is very encouraging for them to take baby steps towards achieving the goal.

 Community Support

These types of apps demand large community support. Generally, the users who are battling with any psychological issues are very lonely. The community support system of the app helps them to build a community of like-minded people or friends who are facing the same challenges. Those people guide them and support them in their ups and downs.


This feature will benefit your users by unwinding them when they are under stress and anxiety. The relaxation includes Guided meditation, different lessons on personalized meditation based on games, calming music to cope with stress and the downloading feature of those for offline usage. These types of features take mood tracking to an edge in the competitive market.

Monetization strategies:

Now, it is clear that certain specific features increase the cost to develop Mood Tracker App. When you think about the monetization of the app, you need to choose the right Mobile App development Company in Dubai that can add some trending technologies to make your app stand out in the market.

  1. Using AI and ML:

    • By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, therapists may comb through voluminous data to point out family histories, patient behaviors and responses to earlier treatments, to make a more accurate diagnosis and to make more informed decisions about therapy and selection of therapist.
    • A certain algorithm can analyze the conversation between the client and therapist to reveal the data of constructive therapy versus normal chatting and also provide a suggestion for improvement by changing therapy or therapist.
    • Machine learning (ML) algorithm assists in deciding on accurate treatment and diagnosis of psychological disorders.
    • AI/ ML algorithm can track users’ emotions by analyzing written data and provide the decisions need to take to balance the emotions.
    • Adding of Chatbot in an app increases user engagement as a user can communicate with the digital service.
    • IoT mood tracker senses emotional fluctuations by interaction with voices.

    2. Another monetization way is allowing third-party advertisement in the app that generates better revenue based on users’ clicks and views.

    3. Adding Games and reward points increase more user-involvement. The users of the mood tracker app enjoy the games as playing games and the competition within the games provide them with some sort of relaxation.

Mood Tracker App development Cost:

The basic App development cost is $10,000 to $30,000. This includes the charge of development, testing and deployment of the App. The maintenance cost will be around 15-20 per cent of the development cost. Moreover, the following factors raise the cost to develop Mood Tracker App.

      • The platform where the app will run.
      • The size and location of the hired mobile app development company.
      • Types and number of features need to add to the application.
      • The tech stacks are chosen for such mental health apps.
      • UI/UX design of the applications.

In such circumstances, it is clear that there is no fixed cost to develop Mood Tracker App. You can invest how much you can. But, it is recommendable that, you should focus on a particular service when you go to invest in a mood tracker app. When you focus on the specific service for the users, you can add features and technology based on that. It makes your app simple and user-friendly. Besides that, you should consider the facts of generating revenue on the business front. Based on those factors, you can estimate the Mood Tracker App development cost around $30K to $40K. The Mobile App development Company in Dubai provides you with extraordinary suggestions to create a profitable mood tracker app with minimum cost.

Market Size of the mood tracker Apps:

The market size of such mental health apps increases from the pandemic conditions. The Therapists from the remote places are monitoring the mental health of their patients through such types of applications. During the pandemic of Covid 19, many users cope up the depression and anxiety with such mood tracker app. Day by day, the demands of these apps rise with the mental health awareness of the people. It is expected that the global mental health apps market size will reach USD 17.5 billion by 2030 and the CAGR will be estimated 16.5% from 2022 to 2030.

In the above graph, we see how the global market is investing in mental health apps and how the Covid-19 pandemic led the market. Now, the market of mood tracker app is more expanding. The statistical data, tells that these types of app will generate high revenue in future. So, it will be a wise decision if you invest in this app market rather than thinking about the cost to develop Mood Tracker App.

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