The age of the internet is upon us and in full swing- the online dating scene has also emerged as a necessity more than just a choice of life. A study by Stanford (as of 2019) reveals how almost half of U.S. online users had met or know someone who had met a romantic partner via a dating website or app.

A pandemic has definitely bolstered the space for online relationships and making connections across the internet makes dating apps like Skout and social media something most genz is familiar with. Similarly, more clients have become conscious about the cost to develop dating app and keep looking for the best solutions available.

According to a poll conducted in 2016, Skout ranked higher in user satisfaction than more popular dating apps like Tinder, Zoosk or Grindr. It is available in 16 different languages, and allows users to contact each other based on, but not limited to, physical proximity. The cost to develop dating app like that could be an important concern to look upon.

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There are several benefits to developing a dating app from a business perspective enumerated as follows-

  • Major Monetization Opportunities

There are various strategies that the developers use to cover the monetary aspect of the app. Third-party services and in-app advertisements are some of the ways through which one can make money through an app. This could easily compensate the cost to develop dating app like magic.

Major Monetization Opportunities

There are studies that show that 20% of the users of dating apps use premium features in order to get the results. Premium features should involve scope for customization that will attract more users and successfully match couples.

  • Significant User Retention Rate

The retention rate of an app is calculated by analyzing how much of the app the user uses after the installation. It is very important to build a connection of the app with the user so that the engagement remains constant.

Significant User Retention Rate

When making a dating app, the engagement of the people is high as the app provides new alternatives every day for meeting new people. More people equal more money. For instance, integrating quirky one-liners as notifications and constantly asking for more than an automated generator helps foster a customized experience.

  • Huge User Database

One of the biggest advantages of developing a dating app is that the app never falls short of users.

Huge User Database

In these times, when people do not have the time to find a partner for themselves, a dating app gives them a big opportunity to find new people.

Dating app provides users with people of distinct interests, age, and gender. If your app has an interactive interface and is providing good features, then there is very little chance that people will not like the app. Apps like Hinge incorporate features like audio cues and other interesting ice breakers that the socially conscious can use to make the first move and more. These features can surely raise the cost to develop dating app in Dubai 2022 and other notable cities.

  • Generates High Revenue

Developing an application can be a really profitable solution for developers.

Tinder was just launched eight years back and it has made a big market value in the industry.  As per the stats, Tinder makes up to $800 million within the total Group Match revenue of 1.72 billion dollars.

The basic cost to develop dating app in Dubai 2022

The price of an app is determined by the complexity of the app’s functionality as well as the development company you choose. A native Android or iOS app can cost $50,000-$55,000. If the focus is on developing apps for both platforms at the same time, you will need a budget of at least $100,000. Profile matching alone can amount to anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. The addition of features such as a simple user interface video chat, push notifications, privacy control features and geolocation help in making a credible and successful dating app.

Implementation of a quick social login integration feature (that will integrate other social media handles and take less time to access the dating app) can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500, depending on the level of security you want in place. Implementing a feature like a user profile where the user can update their profile photo, edit their bio, or make any change to their profile, can take 120 to 200 hours of development time – and the finances vary accordingly.

The process flow for developing a dating app can be encapsulated as follows-

Ideation: The basic idea is to build a dating app, but what kind of dating app are you looking to develop? There are matchmaking apps, dating apps, hook up apps, and several other niches based on the gender and sexuality that the users may be looking for. For instance, Grindr is popular among the male homosexual community.

Designing: Any app won’t look good with a simple design. You need to make it look attractive. Work on the designing part and make sure that your dating app has set everything right. Depending on the number of features your app utilizes, your UI/UX costs could range anywhere from $6000 to $15,000

The concepts, layers, graphics, icons, interface, dashboard, and everything else. It has to look eye-catching with a colorful palette that even those with various reservations about the online dating scenario will be attracted to.

Coding: This is where the application starts coming to life. Start with the coding part for both iOS and Android versions or outsource to programming agencies or professionals. This part will take the longest time. Make sure everything is perfect and bug-free as additional glitches can dissuade the user pool from spending time on the app and ultimately uninstalling it. Keep a track of the user issues and complaints and address them as soon as possible.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Test every sequence at least three times. You cannot make your dating app live while it still has some bugs. Testing is essential from every angle. Check whether every function performs as desired.

Look for errors in the design, the framework, the coding and everything else. Leave no stone unturned.

Make it live: In the last step, make your application live. After submitting it to the app store and play store, you need to start promoting it. The promotion is of crucial importance and primarily needs to be carried out via social media as that is where the target audience will be the most present. Participate in collaborations with social media influencer couples and celebrities to have a greater impact on the audience and source better credibility. Moreover, control the cost to develop dating app responsibly.

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