Education is not as tiresome as it once was, as most adults may recollect. These days, all you require is a mobile device to learn anywhere, at any time. This is only possible because of the online classroom app development. The trend of education app development has come to the surface just after the Covid-19 pandemic situation aroused. Online classes were the only options to run the school education from homes or the comfort zones of the students and teachers also. Many tuition centres started to follow this online classroom process to continue their workflow at that time. This trend of online education opens a new horizon of online classroom app development. Schools, tuitions and many courses are transforming their services continuously in the digital platform through online classroom app development.

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Edmodo is such type of wider-ranging education app that provides a platform for teachers, students and schools to continue online classes from anywhere. Just like Edmodo, you can use online classes for app development by hiring a reputed classroom app development company. The education market presently has evolved into a significant economic segment and a platform for technological advancements.

What is the Edmodo app?

Edmodo is a technology-based educational platform for teachers and K–12 schools. Teachers were able to manage communication with students, coworkers, and parents by sharing content and distributing tests, and assignments through Edmodo.

Crystal Hutter, Nick Borg, and Jeff O’Hara founded Edmodo in 2008 in California and set a popular example for online classroom app development. Since its launch, the company has rapidly risen in popularity. In July 2019, it reached a milestone of 100 million users and over 50 million users primarily in the US. The app is utilised by teachers and students in 180 countries, like Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, and Uruguay.

The fascinating thing about Edmodo is that only 10% of users are teachers, which amply demonstrates how well-liked the platform is among kids. The success of Edmodo has prompted many businesses to invest in Education App Development. This trend also prompts any leading Android and iOS App Development Company to use online classes for app development.

How Edmodo works?

Edmodo is the “Facebook for School” as it provides a prem

ier learning platform and social media for students and teachers alike.

It is a very useful tool for classroom teachers since it enables them to share lesson materials, evaluate student learning, inform parents, and create active learning communities. Classes are closed-off spaces where educators and learners can interact, have conversations, and do exams.

To differentiate education and take advantage of one-on-one interactions with pupils, teachers can divide their courses into small groups. These groups are beneficial for ongoing projects, gamification, and differentiated instructions.

In the same way that teachers can provide quizzes and assignments to the entire class, they can also give quizzes and assignments to a small group of students.

This amazing workflow of Edmodo has vastly triggered Education App Development. Using an online class for app development can be a great source of revenue for your business if you hire a reputed classroom app development company for creating the app.

Market value of education app development:

Before coming to the cost of developing an app like Edmodo, you need to know about the future market size of online classroom app development. According to the statistical reports, the market size of global education app development was USD 37780 Million in 2021. It is projected that the market of education apps will grow in a CAGR of 15.0% during 2022-2028 and the value will be reached USD 101330 Million by 2028. So, investing in interactive and fun-filled online classroom app development will be very beneficial for your business.

Key features of online classroom app development:

Key features of online classroom app development

The cost to make app development depends upon the features added to the app. If you hire a genuine classroom app development company for your education app development, it’ll cost-effectively add the relevant features. Using online class for app development needs some basic features based on their requirements. Hence, these types of apps have three different interfaces to maintain the workflow of the app. The features of those interfaces are as follows.

Student Interface:

To design the features of this panel, you need to hire an app development company that has proficiency in online classroom app development.

1. Content Delivery

The app needs to have a database for holding information in a structured way to deliver content and it can be stored in a device, cloud or both.

2. Tests, Exercises, and Quizzes

The option of taking tests, quizzes, and exercises to monitor the student’s progress and taking online tests from remote places is an essential part of online classroom app development.

3. Gamification:

It is a very interesting feature of education app development as this technique is used to foster user engagement in a non-game context. Earning badges, reward points or virtual currencies by answering questions and other In-app activities motivates students in learning by making fun.

4. Push Notification

It is used for Sending notifications by Email or SMS to let the users informed about important events like a test, quizzes, and online discussions and reminded them about returning assignments and more.

5. In-App chat

The student and teachers can communicate with each other about lessons and assignments through the In-app messaging option.

6. Payment gateways:

Integration of multiple payment gateways helps the users to build a Paywall or pay for an In-app purchase.

7. Social Media Integration

Integration of social media in education app development is a great way to make interactive learning. It connects learners and they can share their thoughts and ideas and stay in completion of the study.

8. Easy sign-up

Users can sign-up for the app by Phone number, email Id or social media and access the features of the app.

9. Offline mode Learning

A download link is needed at the end of every lesson that helps the users to download it for offline mode learning.

Teacher’s Interface:

This is a very important panel for getting success in online classroom app development. So, make sure that you have hired a leading classroom app development company to build this interface.

• Registration

Teachers can register themselves in the app by providing their qualifications and other data for verification. After getting approval from the admin they can continue their services through the app.

• Manage profile

The teachers can update their profiles by adding, deleting and modifying their services.

• Schedule live classes

Scheduling live classes, as well as publishing videos of lectures, are a crucial feature of education app development. Teachers can schedule their live classes where student can interact with them through audio or video in real time.

• Storing reviews and feedback

Teachers can store feedback and rating given by the students for their courses, and lesion and use those for improving the course.

• Answer queries

Interacting with teachers and clearing the doubt about lesions is one of the most important features of online classroom app development. If you are partnering with a leading app development company in dubai, it can design the feature of answering the queries of the students in an innovative way.

• Interact with students

Teachers can share their lesions and day-to-day tasks with the students through text, audio and video.

Parent’s Interface:

This panel is a part of education app development as it helps parents to monitor students’ activities.

1. Parents can easily log in to the app and access the features of their dashboard by providing the required information.

2. They can monitor student progress in real-time by watching their grades in exams and other activities.

3. The guardians can track the courses provided by teachers and those that are progressing, examination schedules, and student attendance.

4. They can also share their reviews about the course materials provided by teachers.

5. The parents can interact with the teachers and share their problems.

Admin Panel:

1. Managing the account of students, teachers, and parents by adding and blocking them from the app.

2. Storing a database of students and organizing it in a structured manner so that it can be searchable and updatable for teachers.

3. Analyzing data and statistical reports of business through the app.

Estimated cost of online classroom app development:

Estimated cost of online classroom app development

The cost of developing an app like Edmodo depends upon various factors like app complexity, features and functionality, developer’s rate, app platform, UI/UX design and more. If you go to a top-rated classroom app development company, it’ll give an estimate of $15,000 to $50,000 for simple to medium complexity education app development.

Wrap Up:

Since online classroom apps are engaging and interactive, everyone can get benefitted by using online classes for app development. The advantages of online classroom app development include knowledge enrichment, customized learning experiences, increased engagement, accessibility to online study material, ease of communication and, most importantly, granting remote access. These elements are anticipated to fuel the market’s expansion for education apps. Hence, once you’ll plan for education app development, hire a top-notch classroom app development company to build a revenue-generating, high-quality app at an affordable price.

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