An idea can revolutionize the trend of traditional online shopping business. The way trend of eCommerce is increasing day by day, you need to create something new by incorporating your brilliant idea that can reshape the eCommerce market. Idealz is such a type of online shopping app that alters the mainstream online shopping experiences of buyers with an amazing rewarding idea.

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The idea is rewarding purchasers with exciting luxurious gifts. This unique idea and lucrative approach in Online Shopping App Development inspire many startups and organizations for creating Idealz like online shopping apps.

When you plan for digital Shopping App Development in UAE, the first thing that knocks you is Online Shopping App Development Cost. Here, we’ll guide you to estimate the cost of developing an app like Idealz. But, a reputed Online Shopping App Development Company can create such an exciting shopping app like Idealz.

Idealz- What is it and its Uniqueness?

The Dubai-based business tycoon Jad Toubayly added a fresh layer to traditional eCommerce business in 2016 by introducing the online shopping app Idealz. It is an online shopping store that gives you a chance to win plenty of luxurious awards. The awards have 5 categories- cars, cash, watches, electronics and lifestyle. When customers buy a product from this app, they get a complimentary ticket to win a prize from the selected categories. After winning the lucky prizes, Idealz reveals the name and prizes of the winners. This unique strategy changes the landscape of Online Shopping App Development in Dubai and attracts attention from all over the world.

How Idealz reshapes the Online Shopping App Development market?

How Idealz reshapes the Online Shopping App Development market

To evaluate Idealz Online Shopping App Development Cost, you need to know which features of it make it into the spotlight.

Idealz creates huge competition among the buyers to win exciting prizes of different categories by limiting the stock of rewards. Hence, the buyers are feeling encouraged to purchase more from the app and always browse the app for more exciting awards. It leads to sky-high user engagement.

Government officials oversee the entire process, and Idealz abides by the guidelines they have imposed. Customers will thus always enjoy the fair play. In this way, Idealz reshapes the landscape of Online Shopping App Development.

Additionally, Idealz is contributing to efforts for the benefit of humanity. They participate in charitable initiatives and let their devoted consumers make a difference in the lives of those in need all around the world. If you donate your product to a charitable reason, your chances of winning the reward will increase. For each donation, you will receive two free tickets. Therefore, Idealz works to improve the lives of underprivileged people all around the world in addition to assisting its clients in getting the most out of their money. It changes the dimension of Shopping App Development in UAE.

Must-have features of Idealz like Online Shopping App Development:

Must-have features of Idealz like Online Shopping App Development

The features and Functionalities of Idealz like apps directly impact your Online Shopping App Development Cost. So, you need to hire such App Development Company in Dubai, that has an experience in successful Online Shopping App Development in a cost-effective way.

Let’s look at the features of Idealz like Shopping App Development in UAE.

• Swift sign up:

The user can sign up in the app by providing a name, Phone number and Email address and perform a purchase from the app.

• Browse Items:

With the help of a set of advanced search filters like product name, type, size, quantity and more users can browse a wide range of products.

• Points of Loyalty:

Ensure that your app provides a function that enables users to easily donate their loyalty points to anybody or redeemable reward points that can be given to them.

• Product Category:

In the case of Online Shopping App Development, you must have to establish categories for things like stationery, clothes, watches, and more.

• In-app Payment:

By integrating multiple third-party payment gateways, you can offer the users In-app payment through multiple payment gateways like Debit, Credit card, an in-app built-in e-wallet and other channels. But, make sure that you have hired a top-rated app development company in dubai to build this app with such intricate features.

• In-App Navigation:

This option aids the delivery persons to locate the place of customers for delivering the product.

• In-app tracking:

The customers can track the location of the deliverable product and get an estimate of the time for delivery with this option.

• Push Notification:

This feature is crucial for your app since it keeps users informed about all deals, discounts, and other information like order confirmation, prize winners, and more through text messages. This is a costly feature and increases Online Shopping App Development Cost.

• Price Calculators:

It is recommended to utilize ETAs so that customers can get an idea of how much something will cost combined with the anticipated Vat fees. By doing this, you may acquire users’ confidence and prevent revealing any hidden fees.

• Campaigns:

Give app owners the ability to manage frequent campaigns in-app and launch them frequently. This is a very crucial feature of the admin panel. If you hire a top app development company, it can innovatively build this feature.

• Multi-Language Support:

If your app is intended for serving consumers worldwide, like Idealz, it would be a fantastic idea to include this function so that users may access the app in their native languages. This expensive function highly impacts the Online Shopping App Development Cost.

• Multi-currencies:

This feature blends a new flavor in Idealz like Online Shopping App Development. Integrating the feature of showing prices in different currencies like Dhiram, INR, Dollar and more and accepting payment of those currencies gives an outstanding shopping experience to buyers of different countries. Hire the best app development company in uae to incorporate this valuable and unique feature into your app and create an edge in the competitive market of Shopping App Development in UAE.

What is Idealz like Online Shopping App Development Cost?

Several factors of application development, like, the number of features and functionalities integrated into the app, its complexity level, developers’ rate based on their expertise, the versatility of interface designs, third-party API integration and more affect Online Shopping App Development Cost. If you employ a top-notch Online Shopping App Development Company in Dubai for developing Idealz like app, it’ll estimate the cost to make app development considering these factors and the average cost of Idealz like Shopping App Development in UAE ranges from AED 35000 to AED 45000.

Final Thought:

The cost analysis of Online Shopping App Development will help you to plan for a unique online shopping mobile app development in dubai. To stand out in the cut-throat competitive market of Shopping App Development in UAE, you need to incorporate some innovative features like Idealz app. Those unique features will indeed increase your Online Shopping App Development Cost. Despite, the revenue it’ll earn in long run and the popularity it’ll give you is beyond your imagination. So, don’t wait, hire a reputed Online Shopping App Development company and execute your plan for Idealz like high-quality and profitable Shopping App Development in UAE.

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