Food delivery using an app is an incredibly popular convenience in recent days. Services like Uber Eats and other food delivery apps have made it simple to get food delivered to the doors of customers by finger taps on mobile devices. Using the food delivery apps customer can order ready-to-eat food from local restaurants by sitting in their comfort zone. Even they are ready to pay extra for these types of convenience. This thing accelerates the augmentation of On-demand Food Delivery App Development. After getting success in the on-demand taxi booking service, Uber went to the on-demand food delivery app development as UberEats and also obtained widespread popularity in this business. The success of UberEats encourages many startups and organizations to invest in food delivery app development. But, before jumping to hire a leading food delivery app development Company for this app, you need to have an average estimation of the Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats.

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Market share of food delivery app:

When you’re going to estimate the Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats, you need to know the market size of On-demand food delivery apps. According to statistical analysis, the global market share of food delivery app development would increase at a CAGR of 25% between 2021 to 2030. It is anticipated that this growth will lead the share to reach $62,836.97 million in 2030 from $6,752.32 million in 2020.

You may notice that the impact has grown after the Covid-19 pandemic as people expect everything to be delivered to their doorstep. So, investing in food delivery app development is a sensible move.

What is UberEats?

As you want to know the Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats, you need to have an idea about what is UberEats and how it works.

Uber Eats was launched in 2017 in the UAE to broaden its reach in the fiercely competitive food delivery market; Uber Eats has chosen to integrate its services with Careem’s food delivery operations in 2018. After that, it becomes the core part of Careem’s Super app as food delivery is the core service of Careem’s “one-stop shop”.

Key features of food delivery app development:

Key features of food delivery app development

The Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats mainly depends upon its features. The relevant features streamline the workflow of the app. The features are added based on your business goal. But, the basic feature is the same. Here we’ll depict the required feature based on the interfaces of the app. The UberEats has four interfaces to uphold the app activities these are the Customer Panel, Restaurant owner’s Panel, Delivery agent’s panel and Admin dashboard.

Features of Customer Panel:

If you hire a reputed food delivery app development Company, it’ll design very user-friendly features for this interface.

• Simple Registration-

Customer can easily sign-up for the app by their phone numbers Email ID or social media handle and access the app in a hassle-free way.

• Order food-

Customers can order food by searching restaurants in their locality and modifying this order before confirming it.

• Advance search bar –

This option helps them to search for specific food or restaurant for ordering dishes.

• Payment alternatives-

In-App payment through an integrated payment gateway like PayPal helps users with easy, safe and secure payment.

• Selecting location-

Using Google Map customer can mark their precise location for food order delivery.

• Reviewing and rating-

Users can rate restaurant suppliers’ services and share descriptive reviews.

• Track Order-

Users can track their order through the GPS-tracking service and from the notification of the app.

Features for Delivery agent Panel:

• Order management-

This feature would assist delivery staff in accepting or rejecting delivery requests based on their convenience.

• Creating a profile-

They need to sign-up for their app to perform the job of delivery by providing the required documents for verification.

• Status update-

Delivery persons can share their whereabouts with the customer and the restaurant owners after accepting an order by using this feature. It permits the customers in tracking their orders real time.

• In-app navigation-

With the help of this option the delivery provider easily can operates both the pick-up and delivery locations.

• Payment-

They can track their daily, weekly and monthly payment.

Features for Restaurant Owner’s Panel:

• Log in and register-

They need to register their restaurant in the app by providing the required information.

• Product Listing-

After getting approval from the admin they can list their menu in the app.

• Order management-

After the payment confirmation the customers, can accept and refuse the orders based on the availability of the dishes.

• Tracking-

They can send a notification to the available Foor delivery persons and after delivering the order they can track their whereabouts by Real-time GPS tracking feature.

• Storing Review-

They can store Customer’s ratings and reviews that help their store to increase visibility in the App.

Admin dashboard:

• Managing and monitoring Payments of restaurant’s owners and delivery persons.

• Keeping track of Live-database of In-app activities like real-time tracking of delivery boy joining, new restaurant aggregating and more.

• Obtaining trustworthy business related data through statistical analytics.

• Business improvement by using CRM.

• Providing customer services through chat or call.

These features play a key role in the success of On-demand food delivery app development. So, you need to choose a top-notch Food Delivery App Development Company to create such app.

Technology for food delivery app development:

Technology for food delivery app development

The Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats also depends upon the tech stack used to maintain the function of the app. As it plays the most important role in successful food delivery app development, you need to hire a top-rated app development company in dubai, that has proficiency in building on-demand food delivery apps. The basic tech stack of any on-demand food delivery app is as follows.

Grubhub API and FourSquare API are required for Restaurant Listing.

Square API, Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal are for integration of the Payment gateway.

Core Location Framework, Google Places API needed for In-app navigation purposes.

Google Maps and MapKit are required for finding the location.

AWS and Azure are used as Cloud solutions.

Facebook SDK Login is used for Registration.

Amazon Cloud Storage is used as the storage and Google Analytics is used for statistical analysis of business activities.

Estimated Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats:

A leading food delivery app development Company, consider several elements such as the developers’ charge, app platforms, time for feature development and the complexities of the app, and more to estimate the Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats.

Considering the above factors, if we go to evaluate a food delivery app development, we’ll see the expense is $15,000 to $25,000 for a simple app with basic features. But, the cost of developing an app Like UberEats that has a mid-level complexity will cost somewhere between $30000-$40000. However, if there is a need for a web app for restaurants, the Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats will be $50000 and $60000.

Wrap Up:

Any food delivery app development aims to provide its services in the comfort zone of its consumers. The way its demands are expanding, it’ll lead the mobile app market. The Cost to Develop an App Like UberEats will help you to fix your budget for launching the such app. But, you make sure that you’ve hired a top-notch food delivery app development Company that can build a high-performing and profit-driven app for your business.

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