No one would have ever imagined that investing time and money in a concept like Muslim prayer app will fetch any returns. Muslim Pro is an amazing app for Muslims to catch up with their Azan and Adhan by getting active notifications. The app is a complete package of all necessary rules and regulations that Muslims ought to follow for a pure and perfect religious regime. In countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Iraq and Iran where maximum percentage of population id Muslim, an app like Muslim Pro can get instant recognition as people look for flexible options where they can easily catch up with Muslim rituals and prayer formalities. So, if you have been looking for such a concept to launch an app, this blog is certainly meant for you. We will guide you on cost to develop app like Muslim Pro and what all factors you must consider during the app development phase.

A Brief Overview of Muslim Pro App

This amazing concept came into existence recently when Erwan Mace, the Founder of Muslim Pro app launched it on both app stores (Apple & Google). The app is absolutely free to download for both Android and iOS users where they can easily get useful information on prayer timings, fasting timings, translations for holy Quran, colored Tajween to read Quran, lucrative Islamic greeting cards and many more features. The app has gained more than 850000 downloads till now and its craze is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

How to Get Started with Muslim Pro-like App Development?How to Get Started with Muslim Pro-like App Development

Your idea for an app speaks a lot about your objective and goals to launch it for users. Hence, it is recommended by us that you must first download Muslim Pro app, and then look for features of Muslim Pro app and try to find out a unique way out to help users get more personalized services through your app for attending Muslim rituals and prayers.


Furthermore, a thorough research on market conditions and consumers’ taste will also help you get valuable insights to make your app more relevant to your Muslim users. Think of the factors that most Muslim people might look for to attend Azan, Adhans, and following Quran. Yu can choose to depict entire history of Muslim religion and how it penetrated across several years.

Features of Muslim Pro App

Features of Muslim Pro App

Features are the driving force behind any mobile app and you must plan them intuitively anticipating what your users would like and what not in a app like Muslim Pro. We have discussed some crucial features that Muslim Pro app offers to its worldwide users.

  • User Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Fasting Timings
  • MP3 Audio recitations of Holy Quran
  • Colored Tajweed to help read Holy Quran
  • Join Community
  • Nearby Halal restaurants and mosques
  • Animated Qibla Compass
  • Muslim Hijri Calendar
  • 99 names of Allah
  • Lucrative Islamic Greeting Cards
  • Multiple language Translations
  • Reviews & Feedbacks

These are just the features which are offered by Muslim Pro app. We would suggest you not to develop a Muslim Pro clone, rather, you can go beyond these features and think of some exciting ways through which your app can create interest among people to know Muslim religion more comprehensively.

Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

Whatever creative ideas you have come up with, the execution will completely depend on the type of mobile app development company in Dubai that you will hire. Hence, you must make sure that you hire the best reputed and trusted app development company to offer a fluid and smooth app for your unique concept.

Prepare a detailed project requirement list that will help the development company to know your vision and objectives behind launching such an app. Look for their profiles and what kind of apps they have delivered successfully. Before signing a contract, keep things transparent and crystal clear regarding the total development cost, time taken in it, and the kind of tech stacks that they will use. Don’t forget to sign a non-disclosure agreement NDA to keep your app idea intact.

Have a Marketing Plan

Have a Marketing Plan

You need to undertake extensive market research before getting started with your app development. Look for market trends and user behavior for such apps and then formulate a strategy to get your app instant recognition within limited time. You can even ask your development agency to market your app. Consider these points while preparing a perfect marketing strategy for your app’s promotion and branding.

  • Paid marketing
  • Pre-launch Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Promotions in Events
  • Social Marketing
  • Referral Programs

All these points will help you develop a foolproof marketing strategy to launch your app successfully and get immediate attention by users.

Cost to Develop App like Muslim Pro

The total development cost of your Muslim Pro-like app development will depend on several factors. Any iOS app development company in Dubai will charge you on following factors:

Type of Platform: Whether you want to launch a native app for both Android and iOS platforms separately or it will be a cross-platform app for both. You can also choose to develop a hybrid or web-based app if you run a website similar to this concept.

Type of Development Agency: The experience and expertise of app development company will also add to the development cost as companies often charge clients based on their experience and expertise.

Number of Features: Each feature will require time and money investment to be implemented effectively. Hence, make sure that you incorporate relevant features only. Be creative but make sure that you don’t exceed the limit.

Unique UI/UX Designs: App owners often look for some unique and amazing UI/UX designs to make an appealing app for their users. After all, digitalization demands distinctness and this is what people look in any app.

All these factors will surely add to your app development cost and you must plan for these well in advance.

We have worked upon various critical components to develop an app like Muslim Pro and have concluded with an average development cost to give you a fair idea about it. You have to spend $20000 to $30000 to get an app like Muslim Pro with all above-mentioned features and hiring a reputed mobile app development company in Dubai.

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