In the era of technology, there is huge growth in the usage of smartphones. According to the survey it is found that at the end of 2020, there will be more than 8 billion mobile users worldwide. The reason behind the massive usage of smartphone is mobile apps, which allows smartphones to perform various task and make it easy for users to get everything in no time. In the app stores, there is a huge number of mobile apps are available and in the coming years it will go to more in demand.

There is no doubt that Dubai is the fastest growing city in comparison to others and in the field of technology it sees huge development in the last few years. The city is also becoming the booming market for mobile app development due to the importance of mobile app for business growth.
Now for the success of your business, you need to have a mobile app for it because it allows your business to connect with your users and provide them better services according to their requirements. The increase in the number of mobile apps shows how mobile apps are becoming a powerful tool for your business success.
With the advancement in technology, the number of mobile apps is also increasing and this shows their presence in the development of the country. The presence of mobile app in different companies also becomes important for their success, so most of the companies now start hiring the developers to create an app for their business. So, through this blog, we are going to know about the mobile app development cost in Dubai.

The first problem comes while planning for having an app for your business
The first problem that comes before the development of an app is the mobile app development cost. Today, every business requires a mobile app and sometimes they spend a huge amount on its development. So, here we help you in getting the answer to how much it costs to develop an app.
There are various factors that affect the mobile app development cost as it varies from place to place like geographical location, maintenance, and technology are some of the factors.

Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai

Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai

Due to the increase in the usage of the mobile app, there is also an increase in the number of mobile app development companies in Dubai. The cost of hiring these developers depends on your requirements and the expertise of that company in the development field.
The cost of mobile app development depends on the variety of factors and it is not important to go with the company that takes high prices because it is not necessary that high price results in good quality. So, before selecting any company, get the proper details about it then select who is capable of creating a robust application for your business.

Factors in Which the Cost of Mobile App Development Depend

Factors Depend in Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost of the mobile app development depends on the requirements as if you want to have a complex application, then it costs more. It also depends on the factors like platform choice, location, and most important mobile app development approach. The mobile application development company determines the required hours on your project and then after they provide you an estimated cost. Still, the most important factors that can affect mobile app development cost are as follows;

Advanced Features

The app created with the use of advanced technology can perform better and offers services that can’t be imagined. But the cost of developing such an app can go high. So, if you are planning for the development of an app with lots of advanced features, then you need to pay a big amount to developers.
The design and the complexity of the advanced features are the major reason behind the high cost in the development of software. The mobile app with advanced features is capable to perform everything; you just need to pay a huge amount to developers for its creation and maintenance.

UI Design

The first thing that connects an app with its users is the design of the app. The design of an app is all about its experience with the users. If the users find it easy to navigate seamlessly on the app, then it results in the growth of your app.
So, the developers spend a huge amount on the design of the app as the increase in the number of visual complexity results in more technical effort. The increase in the visual features results in more costs. So, the process becomes costly for you.

Backend Development

The app development requires lots of effort to fulfill the need of users. It depends on the various factors and backend development is one of the most important factors of app development.
Backend helps in maintain the huge loads and it also performs seamlessly under every circumstance. Due to this, it requires lots of time to built backend in an app. It helps you in monitoring the user’s activity and you can also analyze the efficiency of your app through it. So, due to its complex architecture, it requires lots of time which results in the increase of the mobile app development cost.

Maintenance and Support

Once the developers finished their tasks and deliver a robust application to you, don’t mean that the task is over. After its development, it requires regular updates o maintenance to provide a better user experience. Updates are necessary for your app to run smoothly on the latest technology, so it is necessary to spend some amount on its update and maintenance. The cost of the maintenance of an app is around 10% of the total development cost.

There are various other factors that affect the cost of the mobile app development as it varies according to your requirements and experience of the mobile app developers.


The mobile app development cost depends on various factors as we have seen in the blog and it depends on the requirements of the app. The more you use advanced technology and methodology more you have to pay. So, it is necessary for you to select the company according to your budget and requirements and avoid extra charges. The mobile app development cost in Dubai depends on the different factors and it ranges from $15,000 to $55,000. Being a leading android app development company in UAE; we offer you the best app development services within your budget.

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