Monitoring finance by keeping track of expense, loan facility comparison, asset management, and choosing the right insurance policy by comparing others are the big challenge for people as there is a lot of options to choose from. Addressing this problem, an effective money management app Yallacompare came into the market to resolve this issue. This is the top financial comparison website and one-stop shop for all financial issues in the Middle East.

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If you are thinking of developing Yallacompare like app for your business and are worried about the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App, this article will help you to make a proper plan for this app. Then, you can hire a leading Finance Comparison App Development Company to create this app.

What is Yallacompare?

To evaluate the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App in Dubai, you need to know about Dubai’s most popular finance comparison app Yallacompare. The business assists customers in finding and comparing bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, insurance, and other financial products from a variety of national and international banks and financial organisations

Yallacompare was previously branded as Jon Richards and Samer Chehab founded this Dubai-based company in 2011. When Yallacompare was rebranded and a new edition of was released in 2014, business significantly increased. Since then, they have grown their firm into 9 other countries and won numerous accolades for their excellent job. Its services extended in the UAE, Saudi Arabia Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Oman.

Yallacompare-Reasons of popularity:

Yallacompare-Reasons of popularity

As you want to develop Yallacompare like an app and are interested to know about the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App, you have to assess why this app gains so much popularity. This app offers numerous facilities to users who are facing issues in money management and those are as follows.

• Yallacompare restructure the scenario of digital insurance by creating an insurance aggregator platform where users can compare and purchase an insurance policy for Life, health, Car, etc. easily.

• Yallacompare can provide you with useful money-saving advice whether you want to apply for a loan, alter your bank account, pay for a significant life event, purchase a new automobile, or choose the best credit card for you. Users may find the ideal financial package for their needs using its sophisticated comparison tools and search engine.

• To educate readers and aid them in understanding difficult financial issues, Yallacompare has a fantastic collection of blogs and other educational content.

• With the support of its expert research team, Yallacompare can immediately respond to consumer demand and forecast upcoming financial trends.

Market Size of Finance App:

The digital revolution of the Fintech industry leads to huge growth in the Finance sectors. Different types of innovative Finance apps bring transparency to the finance sector. The MENA region is a solid witness to this huge growth of the Fintech industry as most of the incredible finance apps are created by the app development firms of Dubai. It is anticipated that the market size of Finance apps in the MENA region will grow at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2021 to 2028. The global market size will also expand at a CAGR of 11.1% throughout 2021-2028 and it’ll reach USD 2.01 billion by 2028. Hence, investing Finance comparison app like Yallacompare will bring huge benefits in recent future. The discussion of the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App like Yallacompare will help you to plan your app. Once, you’ve done it; hire a reputed Finance Comparison App Development Company to launch it for your business.

Key features of the Finance Comparison App:

The features and functionality of the app highly affect the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App in Dubai. If you employ an Android or iOS App Development Company for creating your finance comparison app, it’ll incorporate features according to your business goal. To estimate the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App like Yallacompare, you need to its basic features which are as follows.

These types of Fintech apps work on three panels and the features are integrated according to the need of the users of the particular panel.

Panel for Customer:

If you hire a top-rated Finance Comparison App Development Company to develop the app, it’ll add inventive features to attract and retain users to your app. The basic features of this panel are-

• An easy log-in option for the users with their phone numbers, Email Ids or social media profiles to access the application.

• The Users can select a product from the catalog and compare it with other products.

• Search bar option with an advanced filter to browse any desired item.

• The Users can get Product descriptions and details of each product.

• In-app payment options with multiple payment gateways help users to buy products directly from the app.

PANEL for Vendor:

If you are partnering with a leading app development company in dubai, it’ll build this app innovatively and maintain an affordable Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App for your business. The vital features of this app are as follows.

• Verification of the authenticity and getting approval to use the app

• Product listing with detailed information

• In-app communication by a chat with the customers

• Storing product reviews

• Accepting Payments

Admin Panel:

You need to hire the right Finance Comparison App Development Company to design the features of this panel innovatively. An important feature is as follows.

• Managing all the products

• Managing users and the vendors

• An admin dashboard for graphical and analytical representation of business

• Managing revenue

• Sending Push notifications for any updates

• Module for service

• Generating report

Estimated Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App:

Estimated Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App

When you got to evaluate the cost to make app development, you’ll see multiple factors affect the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App in Dubai. Those are the complexity of the app, duration of the development, UI/UX design, developer’s charge, number of App platforms, features and functionality and more. Considering those variables, any leading Finance Comparison App Development Company in Dubai can give the estimated Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App like Yallacompare between AED 35000 to AED 50000 depending upon the added features and technology of the app.

Final Thought:

The above–mentioned features and analysis of the Cost to Develop a Finance Comparison App like Yallacompare will help you to plan for a Finance Comparison App to expand your business. But, make sure you’ve appointed a top-notch Finance Comparison App Development Company to create the app in an accost-effective way.

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