Due to growing competition and advancing technology, the food industry has always seen a variety of technological breakthroughs. One such idea that recently crept into the restaurant sector and swept away the world restaurant industry by storm is Cloud Kitchen. Cloud kitchen app development is a virtual kitchen that doesn’t provide an in-dine facility and it is only used to deliver restaurant food that is prepared in some place but not in any restaurant. It is also called a ghost kitchen.

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In this cloud kitchen concept, anyone can prepare food by using any hygienic place as a kitchen and sell those foods through the cloud kitchen app in different brand names of restaurants. Using this concept Cloud Kitchen App Development trend is growing day by day. This cloud kitchen business plan helps many food startups to stand in the food industry without spending money on the in-dine restaurant.

Cloud kitchen business Plan:

Cloud kitchen business Plan

The cloud kitchen app is based on the on-demand meal delivery services provided by food aggregators, whereby food is prepared and delivered to the customer’s door following receipt of an order. But, there is a difference in how their operations are carried out. This business operates on some exclusive cloud kitchen business plans and these are as follows.

• Managed Restaurant system:

In this plan, restaurants are linked with a cloud kitchen platform for online food delivery. To fulfil increasing numbers of online meal orders, the eateries can employ the ingredients, on-site cooks, and physical storage space to their fullest potential. In this way, they can also avoid the frequent presence of delivery agents for pickup orders. This is the old model of cloud kitchen app.

• Take away and delivery:

Takeaway joints are coming now in cloud kitchen. By using the Cloud kitchen app they can take orders online and deliver those to the doorstep of customers in partnering with a food delivery service.

• Virtual restaurant:

This is a genuine cloud kitchen business plan where customers can only order food online from a restaurant and are unable to visit the actual restaurant or kitchens due to their lack of a physical presence. These kitchens are also referred to as “ghost Kitchens.” The cloud kitchen helps the virtual kitchen to operate its function from a food warehouse or small kitchens where they prepare meals and sell those in numerous restaurant names that have licenses.

• Shared Cloud kitchen:

Many chefs and restaurateurs have launched their own companies where they rent out commercial kitchens to various brands all under one roof. Such business owners operate their food operations while simultaneously renting out extra space to other businesses to increase their income. Similar to a shared cloud kitchen, the space owner serves as a landlord of the kitchen and can invest in cloud kitchen to expand the business. If you want to succeed in this type of cloud kitchen business plan, you must make sure that the kitchen space has high-quality amenities and equipment.

What is Kitopi how it works?

If you want to invest in Kitopi like cloud kitchen app , you need to know what is it. Kitopi means Kitchen of Utopia. It is a UAE-based Cloud kitchen platform founded in January 2018 by Mohamad Ballout and Saman Darkan. It is a multi-branded restaurant that runs a network of more than 200 cloud kitchens and above 200 restaurant brands throughout Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2019, it also spread to the United States, but it left the market when the pandemic began.

How Kitopi works?

The popularity of Kitopi inspires many startups and chefs to go for cloud kitchen. To evaluate the Cost of Developing an App like Kitopi, you need to know how it works. But, make sure that you have hired a cloud kitchen app development company in dubai for creating this type of trendy app.

In each city where Kitopi works, there is a hub kitchen where the majority of the food is prepared. The finishing touches are then applieFad in smaller kitchens that are near residential areas. The goods are then moved to nearby kitchens where they are finished before being served to the consumer. This is how the Kitopi works.

When a restaurant or a brand joins Kitopi, it gives them the recipe and trains their chef to prepare their meals and then it hands over the entire process to Kitopi. It simply goes beyond giving the space and facilities to the restaurants they need. For getting this benefit, the restaurants only need to sign up on Kitopi’s platform and pay onboarding fees to Kitopi.

It should take 35 minutes to complete the full process from when a consumer puts an order on a third-party app to when it is delivered. For this service, Kitopi retains roughly 85% of brand sales and pays royalties of 10% to 13% to the restaurants. In this way, restaurants can save the cost of building infrastructure. To maintain a steady flow of orders, Kitopi also allocates a monthly marketing budget to the restaurant or brand.

Key Features of cloud kitchen app development:

Key Features of cloud kitchen app development

The features of a cloud kitchen depend upon your cloud kitchen business plan. If you hire a leading Cloud Kitchen App Development Company in Dubai, it can add features to your app based on your business goal and plan.

In the cloud kitchen app development, you need to build a minimum of two interfaces- Restaurant Panel and Customer Panel and the key features of these Panels are as follows.

Restaurant Panel:

• Registration of the restaurants with valid documents and listing of the food menus.

• A Communication Panel to communicate with other kitchen owners.

• A dashboard for listing their menus.

• A robust CRM system to support the customers.

• Accepting and rejecting order options.

• Payment tracking option.

Customer Panel:

• Easy Registration and Login with phone number, Email-Id or social media handle.

• A communication option, like In-app chat or In-app call for seamless food delivery.

• A dashboard where customers can see the listing of restaurants and their menus.

• Multiple Payment gateways for In-app Payment and confirming an order.

• An order tracking system to track their order.

Technology for Kitopi like cloud kitchen app development:

The right tech stack is very important for operating your cloud kitchen business plan. You need to employ a reputed cloud kitchen app development company in dubai that can provide the right set of emerging tech stacks for your cloud kitchen app development based on your plan. However, the basic tech stacks are as follows.

POS system:

A point of sale (POS) system that accepts orders from many channels, such as delivery aggregators and online ordering sites, is a crucial prerequisite for cloud kitchen app development.

IoT- based Inventory management system:

It helps in tracking kitchen inventories and automatically updates your needs. This IoT-based smart kitchen is one of the most important tech stacks of your cloud kitchen business plan. But, you need to hire a top-rated iot app development company for developing your app.

Kitchen Display System (KDS):

Integrated KDS helps in optimizing order preparation time. The KDS is updated as soon as the order is received. The order details and pickup time are immediately visible to the kitchen staff, who may then prepare the food as necessary. This optimises efficiency, simplifies kitchen management, and makes it possible to see any delays and cut down on preparation time. But, make sure that you have engaged a top-notch cloud kitchen app development company in dubai that has expertise on integrating this latest technology.

Estimated cost of developing an app like Kitopi:

The cost of mobile app development uae depends on various factors like complexity, features and functionality, number of platforms, UI/UX design, developers’ rate, third-party integration and more. However, considering those factors a leading cloud kitchen app development company in dubai evaluates the cost of Kitopi like cloud kitchen app development as between AED 60k to AED 80k. It can vary with your cloud kitchen business plan.


The trend of cloud kitchen app development is vastly fueling the food delivery business. The way cloud kitchen mobile app development in dubai is growing, the market researcher is expecting that the global market of Cloud Kitchen will reach USD 373.4 Billion by 2030 from USD 63.0 Billion in 2021 if continues to grow at a CAGR of 22% within this time-span. Hence, select a proper cloud kitchen business plan and hire a top-rated cloud kitchen app development company in dubai to develop your high-quality, profitable app Cloud kitchen app cost-effectively.

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