Much like the other sectors, the automotive sector is also witnessing huge transformations since technology and e-commerce have taken over the global business scenario. Features like IoT, Bluetooth connectivity, custom mobile applications catered for controlling the smart car and other such technological innovations have indeed taken the automotive market to heights. One among such pioneers is Yalla motors like app development cost which has had a revolutionary impact on the way people interact with the automotive selling industry.

What is Yalla Motors?

What is Yalla Motors

Yalla Motors is owned by one of the Middle East’s leading job sites, YallaMotor was launched in 2012 and has grown to become the most visited and trusted automotive portal in the region. Intending to simplify vehicle research, buying, and selling, Yalla motors have served over 27,000,000 sessions, more than 138,000,000 page views and more than 13,000,000 car buyers that spend more than 75,000,000 minutes browsing car content that generates more than 1,100,000 leads a year.

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Why you should invest in the cost to built app like yalla motors?

cost to built app like yalla motors

The current automotive marketplace has proved to be essential to both the buyers as well as the sellers due to the huge potential it has in terms of profit and usability. Some of the statistics mentioned below make it obvious why one should invest in the cost to built app like yalla motors.

  1. The Global Automotive After industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by the end of the year 2022.
  2. The Middle east auto repairing agencies, where Yalla Motors is operational, have generated $65 billion in revenues.
  3. Billion Vehicles are now gearing up for exposing themselves and their services to the global market and are expected to reach 2 billion by 2035.

The merits and benefits that influence the cost to built app like yalla motors

benefits that influence the cost to built app like yalla motors

Having an automotive marketplace, whose access is facilitated through an app like Yalla motors  will not only help users connect to the service centers or service providers to enquire about the services they offer but also have the flexibility and options to choose the service as per their requirements and needs after weighing their pros and cons.

Yalla motors like app development cost enables the end users to pursue many benefits which includes searching the perfect marketplace, making appointments, and making  payments through multiple platforms after the services are done.Customers can also select the packages or services from the list of available services as offered by auto service centers or garages. Sometimes apps can also provide the opportunity to the user to customize the set of services that they want to avail. All of these are done through a single mobile application which can be run on any platform via smartphones, personal computers and many other electronic devices. For automotive service stations, here are three major benefits of having an automotive marketplace like Yalla Motors.

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How can investing in the cost to built app like yalla motors bring in more revenue?

`Some features which make an investment in apps like Yalla motors a must for everyone who is starting their journey in the automotive sector.

  • Enhanced efficiency– Since operational processes are automated through the app, processes like order approvals, timesheets, work orders and more become tentatively easier and well handled.
  • Adding value to services through easier documentation- Businesses and service providers can add value to the services offered by removing lengthy paperwork and lengthy processes.
  • Boost Revenues- This is one of the major benefits of yalla motors like app development cost as it can heavily impact the profits made. The users are not kept waiting and the employees are made well aware of their needs and demands. This makes it far easier to carry out the necessary steps to increase client satisfaction.

Some innovative features that can be added to an app like Yalla Motors

  • Chatbot and online chatting services for the customers- Hiring a developer to include a chatbot or an online chatting service in an app like yalla Motors can greatly influence customer satisfaction. customers can come forth with their queries and get timely solutions to the problems which will make the booking process much faster and draw in more revenue.
  • Voice Assistance- In the current global market voice-assisted services have gained popularity. Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri can help the clients book the auto repair service with ease without even lifting a finger. implementing voice assistance services can not only enhance and boost sales but can also keep track of the requirements of the client.
  • Safe and Secured Payments- Security is one of the greatest assets that an app can provide to its customers. Safer online payments, protection of important documents and guarantee of services are one of the greatest features that an app can offer.


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