Fluper is a renowned app development company that is known to deliver affordable and technically sound mobile apps with expertise over smart technologies. Video streaming apps are gaining much popularity these days and people like sharing videos to express their fun-factor and creativity through such apps. Tik-Tok is one of the most popular video streaming apps that have created benchmark and is widely used across several nations in the world. The app has successfully gained huge number of downloads on app stores and currently has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. Moreover, the popularity of Tik-Tok has inspired several startups to develop such apps to gain instant recognition and develop a steady source of revenue. In this blog, we have discussed the cost to develop app like Tik-Tok and some other crucial aspects of developing an app like Tik-Tok so that you are well prepared beforehand and leave no space for any mistakes.

How Does Tik-Tok Work?

How Does Tik-Tok Work?

Tik-Tok is a video sharing platform where users find some innovative features to edit their short videos and then share them online to gain maximum recognition and attention. The videos can easily be converted into live wallpapers and users can save these videos in settings. For creating a page, the app evaluates several factors like user interactions, video information, device and account settings. The content for each user is then recommended on the basis of this information. To get personalized content for you, you have to select the categories first and if you don’t like any video, you can simply long press the video and tap “Not Interested.”

Required Features

Login: Make sure that allow users to sign up for your app using their email id, social media account or even through their contact numbers.

Edit Profile:Allowing users to customize their profile like changing profile pictures, username, adding bio will enhance their experience with your app.

Video Upload: Offering easy options to upload videos swiftly will surely add to the value of the app.

Filters & Effects: Tik-Tok offers options to add various filters and effects in videos which makes them unique and interesting.

Video Edit: The more options you will offer users to edit their videos, the better it will prove to be for users to make exciting videos.

Likes & Comments: When users get to like and comment on videos they watch, they really appreciate such apps.

Easy Sharing: Sharing videos on different social media platforms adds to the fun for users.

Notifications: Keep your users updated and informed about any recent comment or likes on their videos.

Apart from these basic features, you can also choose to add some advanced features like video preview before registration, AR filters, Real-time analytics, Live video streaming, and location-based content. This will surely help your app to gain instant recognition overnight.

Choosing the Best App Development Compan

You have to research a lot on some most famous and trusted app development agencies in your country. Make sure that you hire the best app development agencies like Fluper and WillowTree as these are already appreciated by their worldwide clients and have expertise over developing technically sound mobile apps. Prepare a project requirement doc and also look for their per hour development rate. This varies a lot from country-to-country; hence, you can prefer an agency from some other nation but that should be trusted and reliable one.

Tik-Tok like App Development Cost

As mentioned above, the development cost for your video streaming app like Tik-Tok will depend on the per hour rates of these companies and moreover, asking them to incorporate some advanced features will also add to the total development cost.

Tik-Tok like App Development Cost

Still, to give you a rough idea about it, the total development cost for an app like Tik-Tok will cost somewhere between $70000 to $80000. Choosing those advanced features will surely add to the costs further.

Tech Stacks Required to Develop an App like Tik-Tok

Choosing the best advanced tech stack remains a crucial aspect in getting a high-performance video streaming app like Tik-Tok. We have mentioned the best tech stack here that you can ask your app development company to use for developing your video streaming app.

For Programming Language: Swift (for iOS) Kotlin (for Android)

For Networking:Alamofire (for iOS) OkHttp3 (for Android)

For Back-end programming Language: Node.js

Use Express 4 for framework

Consider MongoDB or MySQL for database

Use AWS or Azure for Cloud

For Storage: Amazon S3

For Sign-up Options: Amazon SES

For Real-time Analytics: Azure stream analytics

Use ML-Kit, ARCore for Ar-Filters

Geolocation: Google Map API

Chat Options, prefer Twilio

App Monetization

Various app owners use different strategies to gain huge revenues out of their apps. We have mentioned some top ways through which you can make good money through your video streaming app.

In-app Purchase:You can offer your users to purchase some special options like stickers, emoticons, and reacting live to a video.

Advertisements: Once your app gains sufficient number of downloads and users, various companies will fall in line to pay for their ads on your app. Subscription-based models are also quite trending these days where you lock some advanced features and allow users to use some basic features at initial stage.

We hope that you must have got a fair idea about what necessary steps you have to take before approaching any app development agency and asking them to develop an app like Tik-Tok. A well-planned approach will keep things managed and you wouldn’t have to face any sudden disappointment at the crucial time.

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