Healthcare sector is known for leveraging technologies since ages. But this time, the scenario has got much transformed with the intervention of mobile app development. A deeper uptake and proactive approach in understanding customer behavior have together contributed to the rise of telemedicine apps. These apps offer immense ease and flexibility to access online medical services or consulting a doctor virtually and getting medicines delivered to your doorstep. Telehealth app development has recently got much popularity as people welcomed this great and much-required concept for its usability. The global telehealth market size is expected to reach USD 234 billion till 2025 with a CAGR of 24.6%. So, if you want to capitalize this flourishing industry, you just need to read this blog carefully and then ponder over what we discussed in it, and its feasibility.

Why Consider Developing Telemedicine Apps?

Consider Developing Telemedicine Apps

Apart from the enticing figure that we discussed above, there has been a greater consumer willingness to use telemedicine apps among worldwide people. Telemedicine apps are perfect choice for today’s fast-paced generation that dwells on added convenience and flexibility. Moreover, telemedicine apps also ensure cost-effective treatment besides a wider approach towards remote areas where expert doctors are not available. Hence, we can simply conclude that telemedicine apps are playing a major role in making health services both accessible and affordable for people.

Must-have Features for Telemedicine Apps

Features of Telemedicine Apps

You need to be very careful while selecting features and functionalities for your telemedicine app. Ask your mobile app development company to develop three panels; one for doctors, one for patients (users), and one for you (Admin). Features are a deciding factor for any app’s success. Hence, you must choose them wisely and depending o your research o the type of audience that you want to target. We have carefully selected some must-have features from renowned telemedicine apps.

  • Easy Registration
  • Profile Management
  • Search & Filters
  • Video Conferencing
  • Text Chat & Voice calls
  • Calendar
  • Multiple Payment Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Pill Reminder
  • Emergency Assistance

These are just some must-have features that you must not ignore while developing your telemedicine app. Some most popular telemedicine apps have gained overnight popularity and much advantages due to these features.

Of course, you have the choice to add your niche into your app to make it distinct from others and in catering to different health services requirements of your target audience.

Tech Stacks Behind Popular Telemedicine Apps

Tech Stacks Behind Popular Telemedicine Apps

You need to choose the best telemedicine app development company and make sure that it uses the best advanced tech stack to develop your app. The overall performance of your app will depend majorly on the type of tech stacks used for its development. Here is a list of most trusted tech stack by experts for developing a robust and performance-oriented telemedicine app.

  • Programming Language: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • Backend Development:js
  • Video Conferencing: Twilio or WebRTC
  • In-app Chat: Twilio
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs & Frameworks: Stripe, EC2, and S3
  • Search & Filters: Elastic Search
  • Mailing: Elastic e-mails
  • Geolocations: Google Maps
  • Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging

Make sure that your Android app development company uses this tech stack. This tech stack is much effective in paving way for robust and foolproof app development.

Cost to Develop Telemedicine Apps

There are various factors that affect the total development cost of any app development project. These factors include:

Type of App: Whether you choose to develop a native, hybrid, or a web-based app. Hybrid and web-based apps are much affordable in comparison to native app development. However, native apps remain unbeatable in terms of performance and scalability.

Location of Healthcare App Development Company: Generally, app development agencies charge an hourly rate that varies a lot among different geographical locations. Moreover, the experience and expertise of the development agency can also add to the cost.

Features & Complexities Involved: The number of features that you choose to incorporate in your telemedicine app will also affect its cost. Apart from this, the complexities involved in implementing these features will also consume much time and money.

Use of Advanced Technologies: Some best and reputed telemedicine apps use technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain. Using these highly sophisticated technologies will also add to the development cost.

Keeping all these factors (except advanced technologies) in mind, we have thoroughly evaluated the cost to develop a basic telemedicine app. It will cost you somewhere between USD 40000 to 55000.

Choose the Best Development Agency

If it would have been a food delivery or a taxi app development project, we would have suggested hiring a good app development agency. But when it comes to developing a robust telemedicine app, you must consider the best healthcare app development company to get desired results. Telemedicine app development is a complex project that requires high expertise.


Considering these crucial aspects, you can assure robust telemedicine app development that can acquire huge userbase within a short time period. Telemedicine apps are in great demand and you must approach the market before it becomes too late.

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