With the increase in the demand for healthy food, more and more food restaurants are arriving every day. In the era of technologies, customers also try to find out the more convenient ways to get the best food services. This led to the arrival of online food delivery platforms. These platforms allow users to book and receive favorite food in a convenient way just using your smartphone. The delivery of food from restaurants to home comes as an evolution of technologies that enhance revenue as well as customer experience towards the food market.

We are spending our life in a very busy schedule, but the arrival of mobile apps transforms our daily routine and makes it easy to perform our tasks. Mobile apps become an integral part of our daily routine. The food delivery mobile apps aimed to deliver the food for customers at any place and time. Some of the food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, etc are highly popular among customers and that’s why now every mobile app development company starts entering this field.

So in this blog, we are going to discuss food delivery app development procedure and cost. This blog is beneficial for mobile app Development Company, looking to develop food delivery app like Zomato and Swiggy for a native platform with advanced features.

How to Develop a Food Delivery App like Zomato and Swiggy

It is not an easy task to develop a high-quality food delivery app to remain in competition; you need to deliver advanced as well as unique features. To develop app Zomato and Swiggy, it requires various features and functionalities. Also, the cost of food development depends on its various features implemented by a mobile app development company.

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Major Components of Food App Development


There are 4 major components in each food delivery app including

1. Customer Side

What customers see on their computers as they sign into the app is the customer aspect. This includes restaurant searches, food orders, reservations, payments, and reviews.

2. Delivery Side

The shipping boy makes the ordered food quickly supplied. The service login helps the courier to track all customer orders. It has a variety of other functions including;

Check Orders

It helps the delivery boy to track all orders and their arrival date. This also includes all orders received and pending. It makes preparation right.

Accept or Reject Orders

Using this feature the delivery boy can accept only those orders that can be fulfilled. Either he can reject orders that can’t be completed.

Delivery History

This helps the delivery boy to monitor all executed orders over a certain time span.

Call to Customers

This feature helps the delivery boy to contact the customer to request delivery information if he is not clear enough.

E-sign Page

Customers can sign on the e-sign page to verify receipt of their order.


All delivery boy apps have a Geolocation feature to monitor their destination of delivery.

3. Restaurant Side

As restaurant owners sign in, the restaurant users’ side is what they see. This includes a consumer description and requests. Customers and restaurant operators have a majority of app features, in most food service apps.

4. Admin Side

Finally, the administrative panel is used to control the entire program, including all user tasks.

Important Features of Food Delivery App and Development Hours


With the growing demand for food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy, now every mobile app development company starts working on it. Due to this, the revenue generated from these apps is growing continuously.

Access Control Page

A food delivery app must have an access control page to log in to consumers. They will sign in by either using their account, social media, or OTP. Customers and restaurant owners alike will insert their details found in the app. You may also add more authentication options, such as passwords, usernames, or moving numbers, to a social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The development of access control page requires almost 60-70 hours

Home Page

This is the page your customers will see once they sign in to the app. Some important features that can be used in a food app homepage are as follows.

Details about Restaurant

All the important details about the restaurant will be available to customers. It includes the name of the restaurant, location, kitchen bid, restaurant segment, running hours, photo gallery, and service form. The information will assist users in their quest for the perfect restaurant.

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews are another significant aspects of the food delivery app. They are critical as they let consumers reflect on their restaurant experience. Certain consumers can then check with the app for the best restaurants. The customer ratings are focused on the restaurant’s quality in the provision of facilities and the food taste.

User Profile

Make sure that the user profile is used in your app creation. The user is eligible to post a list of his favorite food and restaurants here. It will save the search time of the user too. For restaurant operators, the user profile is important. It helps them gather information to consider the needs of their clients. In this way, they will submit personalized updates for all sales and deals open to customers.


The development of basic features in Homepage requires almost 70-90 hours

Advanced Features

It is important for mobile app Development Company to include advanced features and these features increase the cost of food delivery app development

Geo-Location with Map

In a food distribution program such as Zomato / Swiggy, Geolocation is a must-have. Users can search and locate restaurants by using Geolocation tools along with map facilities such as Google API and Apple MapKit.

Menu with price Details

The menu and the pricing information will be available for consumers. This is an important element in creating a food delivery app. The users can type the name of the cuisine or take a drop-down list of a restaurant.

Booking and ordering facility

Your food delivery app must contain an option to book a meal in advance and it must be easy for users to order food from their favorite restaurant using your app.

In-App Payment

It is the most important for you to include an in-app payment gateway in your food delivery app and allow users to pay within the app using different payment options like credit card/debit card, Paytm, PayPal, and many more.

Inclusion of advance features takes almost 100 to 180 hours

App Interaction

It is important for android app Development Company to develop a food delivery app to interact with users with it and that can be achieving using these interactive features.

Push Notifications

Push notification is the best tool to interact with users’ every time and update them with upcoming offers and deals. It also allows to promptly resolving the issues of users.

Social Media Interaction

Most of your customers are active on different social media platforms, so make sure that you have an active presence on these platforms. You can share offers, best cuisine, videos, and images to engage users.

So, in total, the food delivery app development takes around 400 hours.

Cost of the App like Swiggy and Zomato


The development cost of any mobile app mainly depends on the functionalities and the features implemented in it. However, it is not easy to develop a food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato as it took various advanced features. The overall cost of the food delivery app also depends on the platform used and the challenges faced by a mobile app development company.

So considering all the major factors and resources the total cost of developing a food delivery app is likely to be around $18000 to $35000.


From the last few years, the market for food app development is booming and going to see enormous growth in upcoming years. So, investing in the development of an app like Zomato and Swiggy by a iOS app development company is quite fruitful and profitable. Make sure that you implement advanced features to fulfill the needs of customers. It is also important to have unique features to attract users and to stand out with competitors.


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