Taxi booking mobile apps have changed the entire scenario how people used to access taxis. These apps offer immense ease and elasticity to choose a favorite vehicle, book them, track their arrival, and then make a digital payment to reach your destination safely. OLA is an India-based taxi booking app that came into existence in 2010 and ever since, the company has never looked back. Today, OLA has more than 200 million worldwide customers with over 1.5 million daily rides through out the globe. The service is available in 250 cities across the world with almost 24 million customers in India only. There is a great demand for taxi app development these days as people prefer more convenient options to travel at their own comfort. So, if you too are looking forward to know the cost to develop an app like OLA, we have some useful information to help you get started with your dream project and make huge profits.

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Understanding the Business Model of OLA

OLA went through several ups and downs in its initial stage when the service just started with a basic concept of rental fleet business and all the vehicles were owned by OLA itself. The transformation took place when the company decided to launch its own app and with a unique concept. The company started attaching several individual taxi owners at a fixed percentage and this ultimately led towards the success of this taxi service.

When a user registers and books a cab after entering pickup location, the app sends a message to the nearest available driver to pick him up along with all details entered by the user including the destination. A fixed percentage of each ride goes to the driver and the rest is kept by OLA itself.
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Features that Drive OLA

A taxi app development company will need to prepare three panels; passenger panel, drivers panel, and an admin panel. Features will play a crucial role to decide your taxi app’s success, hence, make sure that you include some smart features in your app.

Features that Drive OLA

Passenger Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Payment
  • Push Notifications
  • Tracking Expected Arrival
  • In-app chat
  • Pickup & Drop Location
  • Fare Estimation
  • Travel History

Drivers Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Profile Creation & Update
  • GPS Assisted Navigation
  • Accept/Reject Bookings
  • Earning History
  • In-app Chat
  • Push Notifications

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • Cab Management
  • Payment Management
  • Track Booked Rides
  • Add/Remove Vehicles
  • Fare Updates
  • Reports & Analytics

Tech Stacks to Develop a Taxi App like OLA

Tech Stacks to Develop a Taxi App like OLA

Tech stacks is the most crucial aspect for making a successful taxi app. It’s very imperative for an app to perform smoothly on app stores and on different devices. Hence, you must make sure that the taxi app development company uses the best advanced tech stacks to offer you a bug-free taxi app that users enjoy in booking cabs for them. Here is what OLA has used.

Application & Data: Node.js

Utilities: Google Analytics


Business Tools: GSuite

Programming Language: Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS)

Cost of Developing an App Like OLA

Understanding the Business Model of OLA

It’s not mandatory to develop an OLA clone, rather, you must make an attempt to express your uniqueness in providing taxi services to people. You must look for your niche that can easily attract maximum customers for your app.

The cost of developing an app like OLA will depend on several crucial aspects.

  • Type of Platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux
  • Kind of app: Native, web-based, hybrid, or cross-platform
  • Type of app development company
  • Number of features
  • Use of advanced features and technologies: AI, ML, AR/VR etc.
  • Size of the development team
  • Time taken to deliver the project

All these factors will contribute majorly in estimating total development cost of your OLA-like taxi app. We have tried to give you a rough estimate of the total cost and it will be somewhere between $ 30000 to 45000 and if you prefer including some top-notch and advanced technologies in your app, it may also go as high as $ 80000 for a single platform (either Android or iOS). An android app development company in Dubai will be best to hire if you want to achieve desired results. This will include developing an app from scratch, wireframing and designing, development, testing, quality analysis, and even the post-launch support to make sure that your taxi app loads quickly on the app stores and users can download it swiftly.

You must prepare a detailed project requirement list and try including some unique factors into it to assure your taxi app’s success. Do research on the taxi market of your country and evaluate risk and challenges associated with it.

A steady approach towards taxi app development will surely yield fruitful results that you will enjoy for the rest of your lifetime.

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