With the increase in the usage of technologies, the way of doing everything also changes. Now almost our whole work depends on the technologies and Smartphone is the best example of it. We can do almost everything through our smartphone quickly as well as efficiently.

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Due to the arrival of the latest technologies and more usage of mobile apps, the entertainment industry comes to a new level. There was a time when the major sources of entertainment were Television and radio. But now mobile apps like Netflix changes the way in which users get entertainment.

The video-streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others make a huge impact on the entertainment industry. By supplying its customers with the comfort of curated on-demand content that they like, Netflix like video streaming services has brought a huge revolution in the television industry.

In the year 2019, the total revenue generated by Netflix was $20.2 billion, now you can easily guess the popularity of such apps. If you are planning to have an app like Netflix, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we are going to know about important features and cost to create a streaming app like Netflix.

This graph shows the list of most popular video streaming apps;

Important Features to Consider

The success of the mobile app depends on its features and Netflix provides various top-notch features to ensure seamless user interaction. There are various important features to consider while developing an app like Netflix. You can hire a top iOS and android app development company to ensure the successful implementation of these features.

User Registration

It is the basic and most important feature for your video-stream app like Netflix. Always make sure that it will be easy for users to register, more convenience you can allow registration through social media accounts and email. This feature is considered as a deciding feature on the usability of your app.

User’s Profile

This feature allows app users to add their favorites including movies, TV shows, stars, producers, genres, and so on. Users can also add more people to their accounts to share the app’s favorite content. Others may create a separate page in the current profile to watch different content. This content suggestion is tailored as per your preferences.

Payment Gateway

It is important for every on-demand service app to integrate payment gateways and the same in the case with Netflix like the app. To deliver hassle-free entertainment experience to users always make sure that you integrate an in-app payment gateway. You can also make paid subscription seamless by adding various payment options.

Search Content

It allows users to scan and select content as per their choice for actors, directors, genres, films, TV shows, etc. Users can search the contents in a certain category without having to scroll down to an almost endless list by directly selecting the category bar.

User feedback will also help to pick content so you can see what others watch and which content is the app’s most common.

Push Notifications

It is the most important feature and every mobile app development company uses this feature in most of the apps.  In the app like Netflix, push notification allows users to get updates about upcoming series in their favorite category. Using this feature, you can also send reminders regarding subscription renewal, updating subscription plans, and others. This feature is the best to enhance user-engagement.

Chat Feature

To enhance the growth of the app, it is important to add an in-app communication feature. This facilitates user communication with other users and makes it easier for users to leave their comments on the featured content.


This feature enables users to choose subtitles, audio tracks, volume control, rewinds, and so on when viewing their favorite content. Settings allow a user to monitor whether and at what speed their content can be streamed.

Since Netflix-based apps can use a lot of information to stream films and TV shows, users can change device settings to display content and thereby monitor the use of data in terms of video quality.

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Multi-language Support

If a video-streaming app supports multiple languages than there is more chance to attract users. There are a wide variety of potential customers who can only understand the content in their own languages.

But if your program supports the use of many languages, you can be sure to tap into a massive unseen market niche and guarantee your video-sharing app’s performance.

The above-discussed are some of the important features that you need to include in your Netflix like the video-streaming app. But it is also important to deliver something unique and better to stay ahead in the competition. You can add features like a content recommendation, download, live video, broadcast, review, and rating.

Technologies Require in Creating an App like Netflix

It is always important to incorporate the latest technologies to offers something more advanced. For your Netflix like the app, always hire a mobile app development company that focuses on advanced technologies. Some of the important technologies require are;


  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. Kotlin
  4. Swift
  5. JavaScript

Libraries and Frameworks

  1. js
  2. React

Database and Cloud Service

  1. Mongo DB
  2. Amazon EC2
  3. Oracle
  4. Kinesis Video Stream

DevOps Tools

  1. Github
  2. Jenkins
  3. Apache Mesos
  4. Sumo logic

Cost of Developing a Netflix-like App

It is not an easy task to figure out the exact development cost to create a streaming app like Netflix as it varies according to your requirements. Mainly, the development cost depends on the feature, technologies, development time, and a mobile app development company you work with.

Still, the estimated cost of developing a video-streaming app like Netflix will come out to be around $25000 to $60000.

It is important to know, the demand for video streaming apps like Netflix is at its peak and the reason is the modern fast-paced lifestyle. These video streaming apps change the way of entertainment and everyone wants to grab the opportunity of this field. Most probably this blog helps you in getting a brief idea about the development cost of an app like Netflix but always makes sure that you hire a top mobile app Development Company to get a better result.

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