People rarely have a tendency to resist delicious food. This is why they keep exploring contentment in various different food courts and restaurants. Mobile apps have further added to the accessibility where they can easily order their favorite food from any local or branded restaurants and get it delivered instantly to their doorstep. Apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Deliveroo have made a splash in the app market with covering maximum population and getting ever-increasing downloads with each passing day. The recent pandemic further added to the need for food delivery apps where people can easily order their favorite food and enjoy it with their friends and family.

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These food delivery apps have perfectly catered to the hectic schedules where people don’t get enough time to book a table, struggle with the traffic, and then finally reach the restaurant to have their desired meal. If you are already pondering over this unique business idea, this is the right time to enter the market and transform your life. Launching a swift, smooth, and attractive food delivery app can really prove to be fruitful. This blog will offer every insight including cost to develop app like Deliveroo and some other crucial aspects that you need to consider while approaching your food delivery app development project.

Understanding the Concept

Understanding the Concept

You must get acquainted with the entire concept of food delivery app development and for this, you need to understand its business model first. Deliveroo is a renowned British food delivery app that was launched in the year 2013 and is known for its exciting features and easy navigation. The app simply collects food orders from local restaurants and delivers them to their respective addresses. Deliveroo has a huge chain of restaurants and operates in more than 200 countries across the globe. Partnering with different local and branded restaurants is also a key factor to decide the level of success for your food delivery app.

Business Model

Business Model

A food delivery platform simply acts as mediatory between the restaurants and the customers. A basic food delivery app has four basic sections; Admin Panel, Restaurant Panel, User Panel, and Delivery Panel. Now, when a user places an order from his favorite restaurant that is registered with your app, the app simply notifies the restaurant to prepare the order and then collects it from there. Generally, these apps have their own delivery fleet to ensure timely deliveries. The food is then successfully delivered to the mentioned address. You can either choose to collect a monthly charge from the restaurants or can charge on a per order basis.

Must-have Features for an App like Deliveroo

Features for an App like Deliveroo

You have to be very careful and intuitive before deciding the features of your food delivery app. Features directly impact the level of engagement of your app and facilitate smooth functionalities. Moreover, your research will also give you crucial insights on the number of features to be launched and in which section. Your app must perfectly coordinate among different panels offering user-centric features to get desired results out of the app. We have discussed four different panels above and each panel will have its own set of features.

Features for User Panel

  • Easy Registration
  • Social Login
  • Search Menu
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order History
  • Delivery Location
  • Payment Integration
  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Customer Support

Features for Restaurant Panel

  • Registration & Login
  • Menu Management
  • Order Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Deals & Discounts Management
  • Price Management

Features for Delivery panel

  • Registration & Login
  • Order Management
  • Uploading Delivery Status
  • Payment Integration
  • GPS-assisted Route Navigation
  • History

Features for Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Restaurants Management
  • Offers & Discounts Management
  • Reviews & ratings Management
  • Analytics & Reports

Besides these mandatory features, you always have the option to add your niche and offer some distinct features according to your target audience. You can also prefer advanced features but that will certainly add to the total development cost. Hence, it’s better to launch an app with such basic features and then provide updates as pr the changing trends.

Cost to Develop App like Deliveroo

There are multiple factors that add to the total development cost of any app development project. To calculate an average cost to develop app like Deliveroo, you must take the following factors into account:

  • Number of Features
  • Type of Platform
  • Type of Development Agency
  • Use of Advanced Technologies

These four aspects will majorly comprise of the total development cost of your food delivery app. Taking an average per hour development rate of $ 50, you can hire a hire an expert food delivery app development company in Dubai and get your app developed within $ 30000. This estimate is for developing a native app for single platform (Android or iOS) from scratch.

However, a cross-platform or a web-based app can also be easily developed within the same budget and will perform on multiple platforms.

Tech Stack to Develop an App like Deliveroo

The success of your food delivery app will depend on its performance and the performance will depend on the type of tech stack used to develop a particular app. Back-end development is the most crucial aspect of entire app development process and you must make sure that your mobile app development company in Dubai uses the best advanced tech stack for your project. We have mentioned some tech stacks which are used to develop various successful food delivery apps like Deliveroo, GrubHub, and DoorDash.

  • Programming Language: Java for Android and Swift for iOS
  • Back-end Development: NodeJS
  • Database: MongoDB and Postgre SQL
  • Location Tracking: Google Map
  • SMS Service: Twilio
  • Email: SendGrid
  • Push Notifications:Firebase
  • Payment Integration: Stripe or BrainTree

Final Words

Make sure that you perform extensive research before getting started with your food delivery app development project. Look for your competitor apps; evaluate and analyze them, and then try figuring what’s missing from them that you can provide. The type of food delivery market prevalent in your geographical location should also be deeply evaluated to get optimum results from your strategy to launch your own app.

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