Mobile apps have certainly added to the flavor how people adorn themselves with latest fashionwear and other lifestyle related accessories. With just few taps on their smartphones, they can easily order the best trendy apparel, footwears, bags, and many more things. Namshi is such an amazing app that offers various exciting features to access latest lifestyle-related products and get them delivered to their doorstep instantly. The shopping app development company has deliberately considered the next-gen requirements to access online products and delivered them all in a strategic and innovative way. There is still a great demand for shopping apps like Namshi as people prefer convenience and flexibility more than anything. If you are planning to launch a shopping app, this blog will help you get crucial insights about Namshi like app development cost and about the entire app development process.

About Namshi-

Namshi is a renowned shopping app that perfectly caters to different online retail shopping requirements of people in Middle East. The concept came into existence in 2011 and since then, this amazing app have added several exciting features in it to redefine urban aesthetics. The app has become a top preference for fashion lovers all across Middle East by offering vast product mix and exclusive in-house collections. The app has been installed by more than 10 million users and is flourishing at an ever-increasing rate today.

Key Features to Develop an App like Namshi

Develop an App Like Namshi

Features are the integral part of any business app and a business owner must decide them intuitively to make maximum out of an app. We have thoroughly examined various shopping apps and have put down a list of must-have features which should be there in a fascinating shopping app.

  • Home Page
  • Personalized Account
  • Category Bar
  • Sub-categories
  • Filter Products
  • Product Images
  • Product Description
  • Wishlist
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Integration
  • Rewards
  • Exchange Options
  • Reviews & Ratings

Apart from these user-centric features, you have to make a list of admin panel features that will allow full control over your shopping app. Consider each aspect; users, fashion stores, and facilities that want to offer through your users and then decide for the features to take control of those activities.

Now let’s discuss some factors that will affect Namshi like app development cost.

What Affects the Development Cost?

Planning a budget for shopping app development is a very common thing but you must include some crucial factors to prepare an authentic app development budget.

Shopping App Development Company: Hiring a well-known and experienced app development agency is must. Make sure that you have hired the best shopping app development company in UAE.

Project Volume: You must analyze your business requirements and then proceed with the project accordingly with available resources. How big you are going to target and with what features has to be decided in a comprehensive way.

App Design: As it’s a shopping app, you must concentrate on lucrative UI/UX designs. UI represents the visual appearance of your app and icons whereas the UX part deals with the overall navigational aspect. Getting desired designs will surely take time and this will add to the cost as well.

Tech Stacks: Ask your development agency to use the best advanced tech stacks so that you can get a foolproof and bug-free shopping app. The more advanced tech stacks will be, the better will be the performance of your app and the higher will be the cost to develop it.

Platform: Whether you are going to Android users first or iOS usersor both simultaneously. Whether it will be a native app for both platforms differently or it will be a cross-platform app for all platforms. Namshi like app development cost will depend much on this decision.

Number of Features: The number of features that you are going to incorporate in your shopping app development will also add to its cost. It takes much effort and time to instill required number of features in an app.

Apart from this, if you choose to include some highly advanced technologies in your app development process, the cost may go much higher.

We have calculated the entire cost for a shopping app development project and taking an average per hour development rate of $50, and above-mentioned features, the total cost to develop an app like Namshi will range between $20000 to $45000 and if you include some top-notch technologies like AI, AR/VR, ML, and Biometric, it can cost you up to $90000 also.

How to Find the Best Development Agency?

How to Find the Best Development Agency

You have to be very particular while choosing the best shopping app development company in UAE. Use Internet to get some trusted names in app development and then thoroughly visit their profiles one-by-one. Try looking for how many shopping apps they have delivered prior to yours. If there isn’t any, try looking for the other agency because a company that has relevant experience in developing shopping apps can only deliver perfection through their work. A company developing a shopping app for the first time may make the entire project quite troublesome.

Once, you get three to four reliable names, check their reviews on some trusted rating agencies like Clutch, Goodfirms, and Software Suggest. You will find detailed information on a company’s development process here as clients share their genuine reviews on these platforms.

Marketing & Promotion Strategies

Marketing & Promotion Strategy

You must plan well on this crucial aspect. Launching a robust and fluid shopping app is not just enough, you must look forward for ways to promote your app. The mobile app world is getting highly competitive and to survive in such stiff competition, you must have a distinct strategy for it.

However, if you will hire the best app development company, it will surely guide you on this aspect and will deliver required services regarding promotion and branding.

Once, you work on all these aspects which are mentioned in this blog, you will certainly find everything falling in line and the entire planning part will be much easier to manage. So, before it gets too late to implement you dreams, take advantage of this blooming online shopping market and yield maximum benefits by offering an amazing shopping app.

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