Dubai is known for its infrastructural development and the world-class ambience that it offers to visitors. Its modern transport network offers distinguished connectivity across the city and apps like RTA Dubai has added to the flexibility and convenience to provide support for public transport facilities. RTA Dubai is an award-winning app that is a flagship application for Dubai residents. The app efficiently caters to all frequently used public transport services in Dubai and offers support for multiple languages like Arabic, Hindi, English, and Russian.

If you are looking forward to develop an exceptional app like RTA Dubai, you need to hire the best Taxi app development company in Dubai but before that, you must also analyze certain aspects that makes RTA Dubai stand out. In this post, we have deeply scrutinized various aspects of this amazing app that will help you to develop a clone of it; or even better that depends on your approach. So, let’s get started!

Distinctly Ahead Features of RTA Dubai-

Simplified registration: An easy-to-go registration process for new users, and login for those who already have an RTA account.

Personalized Dashboard: Including all crucial information regarding emergency numbers, government services, weather conditions and many more.

Parking Services: Guests and logged-in users can easily find parking places and pay for them through the app.

Violation Inquiry: Get all information regarding RTA rules & regulations

Taxi Booking Facility: Book a taxi anywhere anytime using the app

Route Navigation: Find shortest routes across the city

Green Points Calculator: Get all information on carbon emission, public transportation services and costs.

These are only the highlighted features of RTA Dubai app that we have presented before you. Now let’s get into some detail on how to approach towards development of an app like RTA Dubai.

Need & Demand for Such Apps

As per a recent survey by Grand View Research, Inc.- the global on-demand transportation market is expected to reach $290.3 billion by 2025. We all are living in digitalized world where people just can’t afford to wait for public transports for hours. For this, a taxi app development company must come up with an app that will monitor public vehicles on a real-time basis and keep away from traffic jams. An app that offers every information regarding arrival and departure of public transports and their real-time locations all at one place.

Additional Features that You Need

Features of RTA

You will need to develop both user panel, and admin panel with specific features to enhance its usability and monitoring & management. Apart from this, incorporating some additional features in the app will pay your rich dividends and will also add to the value of your app. Here are some features that you can consider:

Push Notifications: Users will get push notifications on arrivals and departures of public transports like buses, trains, and metros according to their set destinations.

Social Media Integration: This is the most happening feature which people look for in any advanced mobile app. Allow users to sign-up through their social media accounts and share their live location.

Travel History: Users must be able to view all their travel history through the app.

Reviews & ratings: Allow users to rate their experience for your app. This lets them feel that you are concerned for their views and suggestions.

Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai-

The development cost of any mobile app depends on various factors like features and functionalities required, type of the app, scalability, and even the geographical location of the app development company that you have hired.

However, a simple and reasonable public transportation mobile app can easily be developed somewhere between $200,00 to $ 300,00. But if you are looking to develop an app like RTA Dubai, it will cost you $ 350,00 to $ 500,00.

And if you are looking forward to offer an amazing and unforgettable experience to your users with all the above-mentioned features and functionalities, your app can cost somewhere between $ 600,00 to 800,00.

Tech Stacks to Consider

Developing a real-time-based mobile app for public transportation is slightly different from other mainstream applications. Hence, the taxi app development company need to be well-equipped with some latest technologies that will help you get a highly scalable and effective app. Developers need to integrate APIs that are provided by government authorities which control and manage the public transport departments. Hence, here are some crucial technologies that developers can use:

For Push Notifications: APNS/ Firebase cloud messaging

For SMS & Phone Verification: Twilio, Sinch, &Nexmo

Payment Gateways: Braintree, Stripe, & PayPal

For Programming: GWT

Data Management: Datastax

Email: Mailchimp Integration, Mandrill

Database: MongoDB, HBase, CentOS, & Cassandra

Cloud Environment: AWS, Google Real Time Analytics, Ubuntu

So, you have got all crucial information on developing an app like RTA Dubai including features, development technologies, and the cost for the entire project. It will be of great advantage if you perform more detailed and comprehensive research before approaching a mobile app development company because the performance of your app will totally depend on the efficiency and effectiveness of that development company.

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