Video chat apps are widely getting popular across the globe where people find new friends to chat and interact. As per the global app market trends and analysis, social and video chat apps have accounted for the maximum number of total global app downloads in 2021. This truly depicts the rising demand for such apps all across the globe and video chat app like Azar and Omegle have proved how beneficial it is to launch a video chat app and leverage the benefits of ever-increasing demand in video chat and dating app section. If you are looking for a transformative business idea, developing a video chatting app like Azar and Omegle can offer you multiple benefits. This blog will discuss some key aspects that you need to consider before indulging into video chat app development including its total cost, features, and how to approach the project in a right way to receive desired results.

A Quick Overview of Video Chat (Dating) App Industry

A Quick Overview of Video Chat (Dating) App Industry

According to some Statista facts, the global dating app market size reached out to be USD 4.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 8.6 billion till the end of 2024. A major reason why there is a great shift towards dating app development is its wide acceptance by the worldwide users (both iOS and Android). However, the market is fragmented with several key players occupying a stable place but there is always a scope for innovation and creativity that people admire for more personalized user experience. The global online dating industry is expected to reach 4744 million by the end of 2025. Experts have also predicted that video chat apps will also witness great hype in their global demand and the revenue will reach up to 480 billion by 2025.

Key Features for a Video Chat App like Azar

Key Features for a Video Chat App like Azar

We have evaluated several dating and video chat apps and have found some common features that users have rejoiced in such apps. The cost and features of video chat app like Azar and Omegle are interrelated as incorporating each feature in an app directly adds to its cost. Have a look on these must-have features that you may choose for your video chat app development.

  • Social Login
  • User Profile
  • AI-based Chatbots
  • Video Call (Group & Individual)
  • Filter Search options
  • In-app Purchase
  • Screen Sharing
  • Virtual Noise Cancellation
  • Custom Emojis & Stickers
  • Voice Chat
  • Geolocation
  • Profile performance checker
  • Profile Recommendations
  • Push notifications
  • Block Users
  • Customer Support

Ask your dating app development company to consider all these features as most popular dating and video chat apps like Azar and Omegle have these set of features in them. Features are a deciding factor for the level of engagement that your app will be able to offer to your target audience.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Apart from user-centric features and smooth navigation, you must focus on some crucial aspects before getting started with your video chat app development project. A thorough market research followed by a well-planned approach will certainly yield fruitful results for you.

  • Conduct a thorough market research and look for your competitors and what functionalities they offer through their video chat apps. Analyze the type of audience that you want to cover and then decide the features accordingly.
  • Try getting a unique app design for your video chat app like Azar as people prefer using apps which are attractive and appealing to them.
  • Choose an experienced and expert mobile app development company in Dubai to make sure that you get a bug-free video chat app delivered and that too within time.
  • Make the best monetization strategy including some top trendy techniques to monetize your video chat app through different techniques.
  • Choose the right platform before approaching any development agency. Think whether you need a native app separately for both platforms (iOS and Android), or it will be a cross-platform app or a web-based video chat app that you want.

Cost of Developing a Video Chat App like Azar

Cost of Developing App like Azar

The total development cost will depend on various crucial factors that directly impact any app development project. The type of dating app development company that you will hire will be a major factor in it. Moreover, its experience and expertise may also add to the cost.

Apart from this, number of features and use of advanced technologies like AI, ML, and others will also affect the development cost. Still, we have worked on the entire development process of a video chat app and considering the above-mentioned features, you can easily get an Azar like app developed within $ 45000. This is the cost of native app development from scratch and for a single platform (Android or iOS). However, you can also develop a web-based or cross-platform within the same budget that will perform on multiple platforms.

Tech Stack for a Video Chat App like Azar

Both front-end and back-end development aspects are the building blocks of any mobile app. Hence, you must ensure that your dating app development company utilizes the best advanced tech stacks for developing a bug-free and scalable video chat app.

  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Framework: React Native and Laravel
  • Database: MySQL
  • Cloud Services: Amazon services
  • Payment Integration: Stripe and BrainTree
  • Utility Tools: Elastic Search, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Twilio
  • Business Tools: Productivity suite-G-Suite

Tech stacks are solely responsible for the type of performance that your video chat app will offer to your users on different devices with varying screen sizes. Hence, use of best advanced tech stacks will ensure smooth and uninterrupted app performance that users can rejoice. This is also a crucial aspect for customer retention and building loyalty among them.


You must have got valuable insights regarding video chat app development and how to approach it. The more you research well, the better will be the results where you just need to handle all the project requirement list to an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai and just monitor the way they proceed towards your video chat app development project.

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