It is a known fact that the present situation is a shock to the global economy and will have a serious impact on the global economy. The COVID-19 has been faster and more dangerous than the 2008 global recession period. According to the latest reports it is estimated that this pandemic virus has created a great Depression among people and has resulted in a great economic loss in the world even more than the 2nd world war. At present the COVID-19 has infected more than 21, 65,500 people globally with total casualties crossing 1, 45, 705.

Checking all these statistics we can say that Coronavirus has badly affected the global economy on a huge number. All the business and healthcare sectors all are facing a tough time. But even in this harsh situation, some industries are getting an unseen benefit due to their services. In this blog, we are going to discuss how the corona pandemic situation boosted the delivery business. This blog is reflecting our view-point as of April 17, 2020, and we will update our thoughts regarding Corona regularly as the outbreak evolves. 

For now, let us get started the discussion: 

Most of the ecommerce delivery services have also been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most of the essential delivery systems are continuing to work, although it has affected the delivery speed. The online Grocery delivery industry is doing a great job in this critical situation. Most of the people are downloading online grocery mobile applications so that they can order the essential items for their daily needs. Grocery business apps have seen a huge surge in the precedent couple of months. Even in China, people are now choosing online grocery apps to fulfill their daily food needs. According to the latest reports, there has been an increase of 600 percent in the vegetable deliveries from the past 3 months. In addition to this, this scenario is not only limited to China grocery businesses but the grocery delivery apps all across the globe are observing a huge number of download. 

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Online grocery delivery services

If we compare the past app download data of grocery apps with the current one then the average daily downloads in Feb and March month have witnessed a boost of 124% respectively.

Mail services

In the present pandemic situation when U.S is facing a really tough time the U.S. Postal Service letter carriers are still doing their job. The work of delivering the mail all across the region is still going on. The company is taking care of the current situation and they are sanitizing their tools, while UPS sustained to work as per the general regulations.

At present, the postal services are not facing any major issue in the region as they are following strict sanitization rules to keep things normal so that the current situation does not impact the operations. However, they are also planning for emergency services in case of requirement. However, there has been a low chance of coronavirus spreading by means of the products due to poor survivability of the virus on the packaging surfaces.

Food delivery

In this tough pandemic situation, the experts believe that food restaurants along with third-party delivery groups can increase their earnings by providing meal services to hungry self-isolated consumers. Many food delivery services have boosted from past some time as companies r can see a surge in food delivery orders as the mainstream of people would choose to stay at home and stay away from travel. It is the time when food delivery businesses can gain huge benefits as more and more people would be working from home and all the restaurants are only providing online food delivery services to avoid crowded restaurants.

Contactless delivery

Many of the grocery and food delivery companies across the world are using contactless delivery methods in this pandemic situation. Many companies have set up a zero-contact move toward their deliveries. Even several food ordering restaurants have started delivering essential grocery items to help people in the best way possible.

To avail of these services, you need to download the app of your choice providing all these services in your area.

Things ecommerce business needs to take to succeed despite the COVID-19 situation

In the present scenario, the businesses need to determine how to proceed with the situation by keeping items in stock as the coronavirus outbreak continues. The best way to gain customer trust is to offer transparent solutions to the customer that people mostly look for in a brand. When it comes to coronavirus, delivery services need to maintain hygiene and proactively clean the warehouse. This step not only improves your customer links but also supports your brand’s reputation. In your app, you can share images of the coronavirus protections you’re putting in keeping things safe. Above all, try to provide your delivery agents masks and sensitizers so that the situation is handled with appropriate sensitivity.

All these steps help you in branding your business and automatically boost the download rate of the app. App downloads increase as people spend more time at home. In addition to the delivery apps, gaming apps download rate also has the average for all of 2019.C


In nutshell, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading at fast speed throughout the world. Overall, it has affected all types of businesses across the world in an incomparable manner. Many businesses are facing issues in surviving this tough situation and it is important to find some new ways to sustain in this harsh period. But, delivery businesses are witnessing a sky-scraping rush in the delivery orders. As time pass, it will be interesting to see the changes that the delivery business will face with this unexpected boost in the order. Moreover, if you too want to gain huge profits in this tough time, then it is the best time to connect with a mobile app development company. Fluper is a leading Android app development company serving all types of businesses from the past 8 years. If you need consultation regarding your business idea, then connect with us today.

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