The mobile app usage accounts for over 2.7 billion smartphone users globally. It comes as no surprise that the mobile app development industry is witnessing significant advancements due to the increasing app usage.

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Statistics show the dependency of people on smartphone apps for their necessary as well as luxury needs. Users spend over 90% of their time on these apps for the entertainment of informational purposes.

What is the cost to build an app? It is one of the most prominent and frequently asked questions among app developers in the present scenario.

The process of traditional app development can prove to be expensive, time-consuming, and provoking for both android and iOS app development. Contemporary app-development, on the other hand, is fast, cost-effective, and more reliable.

As per the projections made by expert app developers, a basic smartphone app development, and deployment can cost you between $45,000 and $1,000,000. App development cost projection is what sits at the very bottom-line of any mobile app development budget. However, there are multiple factors on which the cost to build an app depends. It usually takes half or around a year for the successful completion of iOS app development.

The crux of the matter here is that the app development process is just the iceberg’s tip. The app lifecycle comprises different stages; app development; deployment and continuance; most developers only focus on the development stage, so the cost of the concluding two phases surprises them. For understanding the concept of an android app development cost, it is important to look at the following scenarios:

  1. In the initial years of mobile app development, the process only represents 35% of the total cost.
  2. The ongoing maintenance cost for medium-sized business app stands between $5,000 and $11,000 per month.
  3. Annual inheritance costs are 50% higher than the original app development costs. It means that spending $300,000 on traditional app development will cost you up to around $150,000 annually!

With respect to these attributes or scenarios, it becomes significant to understand how you can develop and maintain the app and the possible benefit and downfall of each option.

The key is to reduce risks and save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Various app development cost forming factors will help you plan the development cost of an app. So an android app development cost breakdown comes down to the following factors.

1. App functionality and rationale. 

The cost of an iOS app development relies on the purpose and principle of the app development for its users.

2. Hybrid or Native apps

Hybrid apps are the apps that people use in their daily life. Native apps are the apps that developers build for a particular platform. Thus, it depends on the type of app to decide the cost of app development.

3. Platforms and devices that the apps support

The cost of app creation also depends on whether you are developing an app for iOS or Android or even a Windows mobile version. It becomes extremely important to understand what specific devices or platforms it will support, such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, Samsung Note, etc.

4. Incorporation attributes

It is also essential to decide whether the app will be incorporated with third-party apps based on its content.

5. Utilization of visual objects

The intricacy of visual objects you are using in the app will extensively influence the cost. Any app with a beautiful user interface and appropriate navigation tools will not appeal to the users if it lacks essential visual features. It thus becomes important to make proper use of the visual objects in your app. It is an integration that doesn’t come easy, and it involves a high cost for any mobile app development company.

6. Features of a smartphone app

Another important factor affecting the cost of iOS or Android app development is the features you want to integrate into the app.

7. Maintenance plan

After the successful development of an app, one needs to emphasize analyzing and tracking the app’s working.

8. App security

App security is also a critical factor one should consider for the development process of an app. With the ease of offering your customers with hassle-free downloading methods and installing the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, security is something one should not ignore.

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9. Geographical location

Geographical location also plays a major role in successful mobile app development. The location, i.e., the region of development, the country, is the primary factor in the app development cost due to developers’ hourly charges in different geographical locations.


Different type of apps has a different development cost associated with them. The difference originates from the uniqueness and complexity of the app. For instance, whether an app comprises a back-end server support or not, the app development cost will differ in both the scenarios. Apart from this, there are several other factors a developer or a mobile app development company must consider before developing an app for any business. Mobile App Development company in Dubai

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