With time, the value of video-sharing applications is growing at a fast pace, and trends linked with it are popularizing. It is considerably clear that video marketing has taken over the world with its inspirational features, and  functionalities.

On average, people are using video-sharing applications 5 to 6 minutes in the day time, and this has made these apps a part of the day to day life. These promising insights of Social networking sites are aspiring for entrepreneurs and media professionals to begin their video-sharing website. In case you are planning to develop a new video app that will be just as viral, then you will find this write up helpful.

The team of Specialists you will likely need for Mobile app development:
  1. Android developers
  2. iOS developers
  3. UI and UX designers
  4. Back-end coders
  5. Project manager
  6. Quality tester analysts

The Must-Have Features of a Social networking video sharing application. Following are the features that you need to discuss with your Android app development team while developing a video sharing application:

  1. Drag & Drop Video Upload option
  2. Frames Preview
  3. Multi-channel Support
  4. Responsive Design:
  5. Social Media Sharing
  6. Monetization Models
  7. Multi-tiered Security
  8. Various Filters
  9. Playlists
  10. Video streaming

Steps of creating a Video sharing application

It is tough to create a video sharing app, and thus you need to connect with an iOS app development company. Developing a social networking app is a difficult task that may need a big team. While starting the development, you need to discuss various factors linked with it like features, platform, and size depending on your business needs. However, the basic steps to create a video app are the same. Let us have a look at them:

Start with a basic server plan

Before starting the development process, it is the main concern of the mobile app developers to check for the servers for a video sharing app. If you don’t have a server plan, yet then you can still start the development of a video-sharing app on a basic server. With time, you can upgrade the plan to a more superior one. For a video sharing app, mobile app developers usually make use of AWS servers.

Design UX and UI

The next big step to creating a video sharing app is designing the engaging user interface. It is the job of skilled designers to make the video content in the app powerful. This data added in the app can be edited or deleted.

Arrange your back-end data

It is one of the crucial things that you need to keep in mind as choosing a platform to host the backend database. Thus, make sure to choose a safe position to store data.

 Checking and testing the back-end

When you start writing the back-end code, it’s vital to know if it’s performing well before connecting this code with the app’s front-end. In general, developers use various app performance tools for testing.

Connecting UI with the back-end code 

Well, there are several ways to accomplish this step, but it will depend a lot on your Technology Stack used in the development. In case you are using serverless architecture and Firebase, then using the SDK of firebase to access the data you need is good.


Before launching the app in the market, it is good to follow the attesting step in the mobile app development cycle. There are quite a lot of ways to go when it comes to testing mechanisms – you can use physical device testing, automated testing, and Emulators, as per your convenience.

Release the app

After testing both the applications, it is good to follow a short beta-testing process to evaluate your app. With this, you can make changes or improvements proceeding to release.

Marketing and maintenance 

Now, it is time to promote your app to grab the attention of your end audience. With time, you will notice that your app marketing efforts pay off ultimately if you maintain your app in the long run.

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Hopefully, this write-up makes the development of a video app much easier. With this write-up, you will get a clear idea about why businesses are approaching the Video sharing app. These apps are considered as the most profitable business that will flourish higher in the forthcoming years. To those who are planning to develop an app for their business can now build a video sharing app to maximize their business reach. The only thing is to connect with the right partner that understands your business demands. If you have an app idea and want to discuss it with some of the mobile app experts who can assist you with the essentials as well as the latest stuff, we at Fluper are ready to help you. The team is ready to assist you with your queries like the cost to develop a video sharing mobile app, the features to add, and much more.

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