No doubt, China always invents something extraordinary with the use of the latest technologies and that’s why it is considered as one of the most powerful nations. Recently the whole world is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic and it becomes hard for science to find out the vaccine to avoid this epidemic.

But still, the search is going on and some of them succeed in making devices that can detect symptoms of COVID-19 to avoid its spreading. China is the first country to use such a device as they used thermal imaging wearables to detect symptoms of COVID-19. Now, most of the countries are facing huge problems and the US is one of them. Due to this, we will go to see these wearables devices could soon be deployed by the US.

Rokid is the Hangzhou based AI startup and after consulting with several companies, it is going to sell its T1 glasses in the US, said by Liang Guan. Rokid is one of a group of Chinese companies that develop technology to cope with the pandemic of Coronavirus that has devastated the country’s economy.

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The Rokid T1 thermal glasses use an infrared sensor according to guan info given in a test that can detect temperatures of up to 200 people up to three meters in two minutes. A Computer from Qualcomm is a 12-megapixel camera with improved mobile reality capabilities to record live images and videos.

To order to help businesses, hospitals, and police with COVID-19 identification in the United States, the Chinese start-up (with a San Francisco office) plans to market B2B’s wearable hardware, according to Guan. As part of its T1 products, Rokid also offers IoT and device tools for face recognition and data processing.

The organization is engaged in deals with US hospitals and local jurisdictions to supply smart glass supplies, but cannot share names because of privacy deals. Regarding protocols, it’s something that end-users should decide according to Rokid to treat anyone that exhibits COVID-19 associated signs — such as recommending them for examination.

The T1 lenses can be attached via USB and IoT can be configured for commercial customers to synchronize with their platforms. The company may draw interest from US regulators, who are increasingly suspicious of the handling of American citizens’ knowledge by Chinese technology firms. Rokid says the T1 glass does not explicitly gather details.

Established in 2014, Rokid raised $100 million at Series B stage in 2018 by Eric Wong and Mingming Zhu. The key focus of the company is on improving IA and IA technologies for production and gaming applications, but T1 glasses have been developed in response to the COVID-19 disease in China.

The T1 software was produced in less than two months by the start-up development team. In China, smart glasses from Rokid have been used to test for signs of COVID-19 by workers from national parks, schools, and regional authorities. Nevertheless, there are weaknesses in temperature detectors, as work has shown that there was no fever for more than half of China’s COVID-19 patients when entered in the hospital.

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