Careem’s latest ‘Customer and Business Trends of 2020’ report highlighted some of the most fascinating findings during the months of lockdown, such as a burger with fries and a coke is one of the most popular food combinations in the UAE. 

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The company had launched its Super App earlier this year and currently has 48 million registered users and two million captains. It reported a 9 times increase in customers using multiple services via the app, with UAE residents making an average of three transactions a week. The app further noted that since the beginning of the lockdown in April, the movement of people via cars, Hala taxis, and bikes grew 10x and the movement of items such as food and delivery products increased by 4x. 

CEO and co-founder at Careem, Mudassir Sheikha said that the year was challenging for businesses. However, it allowed the company to expand its services to fulfill the needs of its customers. “Our mission statement for Data & AI is to accelerate delivering competitive value from data,” said Victor Kiriakos-Saad, GM of Careem. “With the Careem Super App, what we have essentially accomplished is creating a cohesive platform that anticipates the customer’s requirements to serve them better. This came about as a result of our previous analysis of data that showcased the heightened use of various services that we provide,” he added. 

He explained further that, “During the peak of the pandemic, we realised the intensified need to engage actively with our users and be a platform that catered to their changing needs. The app proved to be a success with the data showcasing the transition of 96 percent of users from the previous stand-alone ride-hailing app to the Super App. Our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people in the region – the concept of ‘the smart city’ in the UAE is very much in line with our thinking.” 

The company ensured that over 61 percent of its deliveries arrived early. The most common shop ordered from was Lulu Hypermarket, and the most popular item ordered was Al Marai Milk. Another trend showed that the most popular combination of items ordered was mineral water and fruits and vegetables. On weekends, the most ordered supplies were dairy products along with fruits and vegetables. Most significantly, Dubai took its crown as the most pet-friendly emirate after it recorded the most deliveries from pet stores.


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