It is very important for content creators in the Middle East region to have a platform for their creative ideas simply because knowledge-sharing and ongoing support can be key differentiators for young people looking to launch a successful idea or business.

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Mai Yousseff,Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Services at Canon Middle East said that Cannon Middle East is creating a youth empowerment program called “AKTASHIF” which aims to discover and develop the next generation of aspiring creatives based in the Middle East.

He added thatnow in its second season, the programis a unique platform for aspiring photographers, videographers, and print creatives to discover their artistic voice. Working together helps ignite the creative spark and allows budding entrepreneurs to unlock their passions, while getting a better understanding of the direction they want to take with their careers.

AKTASHIF aims to help the next generation with creative skillsets

She explained that Canon’s support for entrepreneurship and incubation extends beyond countries and timelines. AKTASHIF is an integral piece in addressing the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, which stipulates the importance of quality education and learning opportunities for all. Cannon is continuously launching programs to help young people strengthen their creative skills. Research has shown that most youth are looking to change careers every three years and 60 per cent are not truly engaged in their current jobs and would consider different careers.

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