The novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 which we quote it today was first described in China’s Wuhan area. By then, the problem has been the world’s talk and the saddest part is that it is still there. The economy has entered a semi-lock-down situation in which most mobile app development companies are experiencing tough times.

People are concerned about the whole pandemic situation and practice social distancing to be healthy. The environment as we know a month ago no longer exists. People are stuck at home taking along with them their jobs.

Many companies have coped with the situation by choosing their employees to work at home, and it goes well for certain companies. Companies are divided into essential and non-essential ones to decide which ones to continue to operate and which ones cannot.


Well, by keeping in mind the suffering that such a global disaster will bring to any business today, we have compiled some methods in the Coronavirus situation to promote your important business which are:

1. Categorize the challenges

A good starting point for strategizing effectively and executing all of the above points is a list of challenges that your company may face. Strategizing for various situations is important, and taking into account any possibility.

Consider everything from disrupting supply chains to communication challenges, attracting customers and competing with other android app development companies in your market. How you think the outbreak would turn out and how it could affect you, prepare for any possible scenario, even the worst you might imagine.

2. Services will be relevant at later phases

It is necessary not only to consider how to survive during the outbreak as a company but also to have a plan in place for what will happen afterward. Don’t believe that after the public health crisis has passed, things immediately go back to the way they were before the outbreak.

A crucial concern is that being confined to their homes is likely to result in many consumers moving to online or otherwise remote solutions, and post-Coronavirus should not be expected to return to the solutions they used before the outbreak.

Let’s presume you are providing customers direct B2C or B2B financial services. Until now, customers may have preferred you for the perceived reliability and protection of your unique, personal approach over automated solutions. Today, for many, consumers are moving over to automated, remote services at a time of extended home-confinement.

If the outbreak is contained, fintech companies will find themselves more successful in selling automated solutions and you will have fewer customers left. That’s why it’s crucial to be versatile and change the services so they’re not only useful during the outbreak, but stay the best option once it’s all settled.

Best Ways for Your Business to Stay Ahead During the Coronavirus

3. Adapt your services to the current situation

The general public is urged to stay at home in many parts of the world poses serious difficulties for the companies. If your business follows the B2C model and relies on in-store, face-to-face contact with customers, this poses a serious threat, particularly in the long run.

So get imaginative and imagine several ways you can still produce your goods. One clear example is that restaurants and cafes that only run home delivery or provide free delivery, discounts, weekly or monthly offers, and other rewards help stay ahead of the competition.

4. Market your solution with Coronavirus in mind

Ask yourself if your product or service may be of additional value or significance in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, and modify your marketing to reflect this, especially if you are implementing an altered service for the duration of the outbreak.

Improved and versatile marketing is also important right now because many would wonder if those companies are still operating. Make sure your target audience knows that you are available and that you are still powerful.

5. Find leads and customers ahead of time

While other businesses will concentrate on the here and now, striving to sustain regular operating activity, this may be the chance to create a new network of prospective customers. Putting time and energy into creating new leads now will ensure that you will have a pool of potential customers on which to focus once situations get calm.

Therefore, you as a corporation would have increased confidence in your leads. If you’re looking for new customers at a time when much of the competition is going through a crisis, then you’re showing the customers that you’re on top of it.

6. Implement Tech upgrades to keep communication flowing

With the potential challenge at some stage from most, if not all, of your workers working from home, it is necessary to prepare ahead on how to ensure contact remains as effective as possible. Telephone calls and chats won’t be fast enough, particularly with all the distractions in home life.

Consider using online tools for your preparation and comms, Google Docs for shared documents that everyone can access and comment on, Asana or similar business preparation software that keeps you on the same page for brainstorming and file sharing, and the likes of Coggle or Stormboard.

Start incorporating these now, so that they can be confident and competent with the latest coping strategies if the worst comes to the worst and everyone works from home.


There’s no way to say how the scenario will unfold. Things might return to normal within a couple of weeks or we could face a global recession a year down the road. It is vital for businesses of all kinds not to give up, to have a firm plan in place and to remain adaptable and agile to continue to be competitive.

Anshul Sharma

Being the Co-Founder of Fluper, one of the Leading App Development Companies, Mr. Anshul Sharma has a wide-ranging experience in Business Growth. He has paved his own path as an extremely intensive product strategist and user experience proficient entrepreneur. His keen interest in the tech updates urges him to write about the latest tech news and make other businesses or enterprises aware of the changing market scenario.

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