Running a small business has its own pros and cons. If you own a start-up or run a small business then you must be aware of how things might get difficult and smooth at certain times. Communicating with all your employees effectively, managing all the departments, paying wages and salaries, dealing with clients and tracking monthly and day to day expenses might become quite challenging for you. These modern day problems require modern day solution. You can take help of suitable smartphone applications for managing all your tasks effectively and helping your business function even more efficiently. Let us take a look at the best mobile apps developed by the best android app development and iOS app development companies for you to tackle the ongoing difficulties that you are currently facing while managing your small scale business.

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List of Smartphone Applications Useful for Small Enterprises-


This mobile application is one of the best managing applications. This will make it easier for you to handle the flow of emails coming via your employees. Using this application, you can effectively create innumerable private or public channels for your business. You can add unlimited number of users to your Slack account. This app will make it easier for you to share documents, images, PDFs within the application. You can automatically index and archive everything in order to keep a track of all your conversations.


This smartphone app is one of the best apps for accepting online payments. Square app will offer you a POS system that will make it easier for small scale businesses to receive their payments on time. It is affordably priced, easy to set-up and provides free online tools and hence, is completely ideal for low-volume business merchants that work in industries that carry a lower rate of risk. If you wish to develop a similar app like square then do get in touch with a professional and reliable mobile app development company.


This app is widely popular for its accounting software in the market. It has an intuitive cloud-based software that is easy to use and offers countless integrations. Quickbooks can be used for sending invoices, employee payments and pay tax amount using the company’s best software.

Best smartphone applications useful for small enterprises


If you are looking for the best project management app then consider going for Trello. This app will make it easier for your teams to co-ordinate. You can use this project management software app for creating individual cards by outlining all the tasks that are important for completing a project.


Toggl app is highly recommended for the purpose of time tracking. Toggle is best for individual users and business owners as it offers more flexible and reliable cloud-based software for time tracking purpose. You can also use this app for determining the projects that are highly profitable for your business group. Using this app, you can efficiently learn about the total time taken by your employees in finishing a particular task. You can get a similar app made for both iOS and android platforms by connecting with a dedicated iOS app development and android app development company. Instead of getting in touch with different app development companies for developing app for different platforms, you can also get in touch with a professional and genuine mobile app development company that builds brilliant apps for both iOS and android platforms.

Best smartphone applications useful for small enterprises


Wunderlist app is a one-stop solution for effectively creating and sharing your to-do lists. You can create countless to-do lists with this app and easily assign tasks to your team members. This app lets you collaborate with your team members remotely and find out if the assigned task is being taken care by them or not.


If you are a small business owner who is looking for a mobile app that can help you in managing your export reports then you can consider installing Expensify app. This mobile app is perfect for tracking your expenses and receipts. You can use this app for managing your export reports by clicking pictures of your receipts and accordingly the software shall transcribe all the necessary details for you. This app will also let you categorize every single receipt that will save a lot of processing time for you. Your employees can also use Expensify app for submitting their reimbursement receipts.

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