UAE residents are known for adopting the best technologies and mobile apps to make their day-to-day lives convenient and full of fun by Video streaming apps. Especially, when it comes to entertaining themselves, they simply don’t compromise with it. Video streaming apps have become much popular in entire world as these apps prove to be the best way to keep yourself entertained anytime, anywhere. The video-on-demand service that these apps offer perfectly caters to modern-day entertainment requirements with added flavor in it. We have thoroughly explored some best options for UAE residents and have pooled up some best apps to watch movies. Let’s have a look on these amazing video streaming apps that will certainly let you experience a whole new world of entertainment and that too, on your fingertips.

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One of the best movie apps in UAE that is widely popular for its personalized video content for every age group. This award-winning app launched its on-demand video streaming services for UAE residents since 2016 and have gained much popularity because of its smooth and comprehensive user interface and unmatched use experience to access latest movies and TV shows on any kind of device. Netflix is a paid app where its basic plan starts at AED 29 whereas its standard plan starts at AED 39 and its premium plan starts at AED 56 per month. You can create five different profiles with a single account and each profile will get access to personalized video content. The best part of using this app is that the more you use Netflix, the better it gets to recommend videos, movies, and TV shows that you will love to watch.

Apple TV + Streaming Apps

This is another amazing and one of the best movie apps in UAE. The app is available for iOS users only that was launched in 2019 for UAE residents and it has gained huge userbase within these two years. The app primarily focuses on providing high-definition original content including movies, TV shows, and documentaries from different genres. You just need to pay a monthly charge of AED 19.99 per month to get started with this app. The monthly subscription includes access to latest movies and TV shows for up to six family members at a time. The app offers a 7-day free trial and within these seven days, you will certainly love the way it allows you to access your favorite video content at great flexibility and convenience.

Amazon Prime Video

If you are looking for some best and free movie apps 2022, Amazon Prime Video is an unrivalled name in online entertainment industry. This app was also launched in 2019 for UAE residents and the best part is, customers get free access to Amazon Prime Video UAE as part of its premium subscription service. You also get access to some Amazon-original shows including The Grand Tour, Fleabag, The marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Good Omens. Besides this, you also get access to some best Hollywood, Bollywood, and foreign movies that will keep you entertained. The app offers a free-trial for 30 days and hen you have to pay AED 16 per month to continue accessing the latest Tv shows and movies.

StarzPlay Arabia

StarzPlay Arabia

This is a wonderful on-demand video streaming app that was initially launched for Dubai residents and then spread all across UAE because of its amazing set of features and functionalities. You can explore ample TV shows and movies from different genres including drama, action, comedy, family, Bollywood or Arabic content on this app. When you download this one of the best streaming apps in UAE for free, you also get access to STARZ original shows from its own cable network including Rook and Sweetbitter. The app also offers a 30-day free trial and then you have to pay AED 40 per month to continue with its exceptional video streaming services.



This app was previously known as WAVO and is now available with completely revamped features and functionalities. Downloading this app is completely free and after a seven-day free trial, you need to pay a monthly subscription of AED 35 per month. The movie streaming apps offer instant access to HBO series including Big Little Lies, Westworld, and Games of Thrones. Besides this, when you download this app, you also make yourself eligible access unlimited latest movies, TV shows, and other popular Arabic contents that will keep you entertained and amused.

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ICflix UAE

ICFLIX is an amazing Dubai-based video streaming app that is widely popular in entire UAE because of its unlimited collection of Arabic video content, Hollywood movies, and popular TV shows. You can download the app for free and evaluate the app with its 30-day free trial period. Once, you like continuing with it, you just need to pay AED 29 per month. ICFLIX is certainly one of the best apps to watch movies and its extensive Arabic library will offer everything that you wish to watch in Arabic content.


Downloading any of these best movie apps in UAE will keep you entertained with added flavor of Arabic content in them. So, don’t miss the thrill and download your perfect video streaming app today.

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