Everybody on their mobile has a collection of Go-to apps. Android App Development Companies added a number of applications to the list in times of the ongoing epidemic, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Breaking the monotony or a food delivery app that lists all the active grocery stores in a neighborhood may be anything from an online multiplayer game.

Here are some apps that can help keep track of all COVID-19 related alerts including a spike in incidents, emerging hotspots detail, and location of nearest testing and treatment facilities. Some of these also require funds to be donated as well as contributing one’s Smartphone to COVID-19 research.

Arogya Setu App

An initiative of the government of India, Arogya Setu is intended to help people figure out whether they have been in contact with an infected human. To build a social network the app uses GPS and Bluetooth on a Smartphone. On that basis, it will say whether an asymptomatic individual has crossed the road with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. If this occurs, the asymptomatic individual may get a warning followed by the self-isolation instructions. Users need to keep Bluetooth turned on to allow location sharing on the device to take advantage of that.

MyGov App

Misinformation is rife on COVID-19. For the MyGov app citizens in India are able to keep track of the official number of events. The app is available in Hindi and English and continuously monitors the number of pending cases, cases discharged, and deaths. The app has informative features such as myth busters, a PM-Cares fund shortcut page with bank account details that people can donate money to. In case one has a solution that can aid in battling COVID-19, it can be submitted via the app for the Secure India Hackathon.


UC Berkeley’s [email protected] initiative is worth a try for people who do not want to stop solely saving for PM-Cares and other related funds. This distributed computing initiative, which is accessible on Android apps devices with the BOINC app, encourages everyone to share the computational resources of their PCs and Smartphones to speed up Coronavirus work and locate an antidote. BOINC can use the CPU and GPU of the phone during downtime even if they are not used.

MayMyIndia Move App

MapMyIndia has built a COVID-19 dashboard which helps one to keep an eye on the total number of cases in India based on feedback from the health and family welfare ministry. The dashboard also offers state-wise data with the position on the map, along with information on recovery centers, rehabilitation centers, hunger relief centers, and relief camps for migrant workers. The application also provides a feature that encourages consumers to report problems such as law enforcement lapses or lockout breaches for perusal by government and municipal authorities.

Practo App

With private laboratories now licensed to search for COVID-19, Practo’s telemedicine network has started providing online booking services. The tests will be conducted by Thyrocare diagnostic firm which will send a certified phlebotomist to collect samples directly from home. Also, applications of a legitimate doctor’s prescription properly filled out examination requisition form signed by the doctor, and a photo identification card will be accepted for testing. The app also provides the possibility to contact a doctor through chats.

Ayush Sanjivani App

Launched earlier this month, the Ayush Sanjivani app was developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) to help generate data on the acceptance and use of Ayush advocacy and measures among the population, and its impact on COVID-19 prevention.

Jan Aushadhi Sugam App

Jan Aushadhi Sugam app aims to provide information on the supply and pricing of generic medicines priced at cheaper rates in the world at Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras. The app also helps you find generic drugs and their prices. It also locates the nearest Kendra where you can buy those medicines.

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Corona Kavach

Corona Kavach is available on Google Play store, launched by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The app’s highlight is that it provides the people infected with coronavirus a real-time place. The app also keeps you updated on events, facts, death events, and cured cases in real-time.


BHIM UPI is based on the Unified Payments System, which was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Launched in December 2016, the BHIM app lets you make cashless payments for a wide variety of services. It can also be used in both big stores and neighborhood stores to make payments.

Umang App

With over 600 services, the Umang app is your one-stop destination. This offers public services from commercial entities provided by federal and state governments, municipal authorities, and other facilities. These include Aadhaar, PAN, visa, driving license, PF and more.


While others have switched to social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter for more time away from the workplace and within their homes, iOS app development companies have brought new applications to bring people together in a different way.

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