A learning management system or LMS is a system that is designed specially to help an individual to develop, manage, and provide online courses to learn. It is said to be a platform that is dedicated to students and their authors to learn and highlight their core skills at their convenience.

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Since this program is all about convenience, we can say that it is an application that can be used to track, report, and deliver various learning programs. The best part about this system is that it covers almost all major markets like schools, various educational institutes, and the medical industry. Elements are quite handy in identifying the communication gap between the instructor and the learner by checking each individual progress by carrying out quizzes and assessments.

Whether you believe it or not but LMS has changed the whole learning perspective of the world. The reason being, it has made the whole concept of learning a bit more fun as it office video tutorials, stories, and helpful features like gamification. It has given the students an opportunity to choose and learn whichever field be like since all the information can be shared across the globe.

Where  LMS can be used?

Following awesome adventures that are said to be using LMS quite extensively than others:

  • Almost every other corporate and organization
  • All educational institutes which mean schools and universities
  • Many government companies
  • Private institutions and tuitions

What exactly is the purpose of LMS?

As mentioned above, elements have the capability to solve every major learning issue which most of the learners and instructors face these days. The following are some of the issues which you can solve by implementing LMS in your system.

  • You can implement LMS in your employee training programs as it has the capability to automate most of the tasks which is exactly what a new and inexperienced employee wants. Other than that, it can track the progress of each and every individual through which you can save a lot of time and money with ease.
  • Through LMS, you can easily create learning programs along with courses in which letters can be used by anyone to enhance their skill set. These courses come in handy when an employee leaves the company or retires so that the knowledge doesn’t go with him.
  • The best part about LMS is that you can create awareness programs to educate the common public, which to be honest is quite a great job.

Now that you know every possible aspect of LMS, we thought it would be the right time to enlist some of the best learning management systems available and the ones you can use in 2020.

Best learning management systems of 2020


It is proven to be a very flexible learning management system that is developed just to create a compact yet simple learning experience. It cost from $29 to $349 per month when building annually and the best part is it comes up with the free version for up to 5 users and 10 courses.


It is quite a popular learning management system that has the use of base that is spread across the globe. It is said to have opened a door for all the automated and personalized experience of learning. Docebo costs $10 per customer plus one-time registration fees and it also provides a 14-day trial version for its customers.


The core purpose behind creating this system was to provide tutors and administrators with the strong and secure integrated platform that day can use to develop customized learning programs. This system costs $80-$500 per year, and also comes with the free version.


This system in particular is said to be quite simple and easy to use. It is mostly used for training of employee, customer, and compliance learning purposes. This is sim cost $6 to $2,500 and officer free trial version of up to 15 days


It is one of the most amazing platforms which are being used quite extensively by educators and learners to display their skills whenever and where they want. It comes at a price point of 22.5 $0 per year and offers a free trial version.

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It is more of a team that is dedicated to improving the concept of learning by providing a connection to the learners with others to reach their full potential. This platform costs $1 to $2,500 per year.


This is quite a famous learning management system for K 12 which offers personalized competent learning. This platform will cost you around $2,500 per year.

Joomla LMS

As the name suggests, this learning management system works on Joomla and is being used throughout the world as it offers a wide range of flexible and scalable virtual learning services. You have to pay an amount of $299 to 799 per year to access its full-fledged version.


This learning management system is known for providing a boost to a competitive knowledge as it has the capability to automate and control best learning practices. It cost you $167 to $677 per year


This learning system is used to create a top-notch learning experience that is capable of engaging customers’ minds and inspired them to become a modern workforce. In order to access its locked features, you have to pay an amount of $1,250 per month.

Pros and cons of learning management systems

Before jumping right into it, you would be surprised to know that most of the sites will cost you around $1 to $10 per student per course.


  1. LMS is proved to be quite helpful in swinging the learning pattern which could save time for both the learner and instructors and can help them focus more on each individual’s progress.
  2. LMS saves a lot of money on buying notebooks, guides, and copies.
  3. It has given the freedom to learners to access knowledge from anywhere.
  4. LMS has made learning more interesting with video tutorials, gamification, and clips.
  5. With LMS you can access and manage information with ease.


  1. One of the biggest drawbacks of an online learning management system is that many things inside of it have to be done physically which, to be honest, it’s quite complicated in itself.
  2. The concept of face-to-face interaction has taken a huge head as no gathering is required for learning.
  3. It has given birth to the tunnel effect of learning which means there are great chances that the scope of white thinking we get reduced when the user may just see through LMS.
  4. Since most students need motivation and encouragement to study, LMS might have created some credibility issues.


All these LMSs are proven to be helpful and trusted worldwide which means you cannot go wrong with them. At last, we recommend you to choose the one that offers what exactly you want.

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