Mobile apps have certainly affected various day-to-day aspects of our life whether it’s related to online shopping, hiring a cab, booking a doctor’s appointment or even follow the best fitness regime. Religion is also not untouched by the scope of mobile app development and considering the vast Muslim population worldwide, there are several Islamic apps that will help you to know Islam more precisely and follow the best religious practices with added flavor and information.

List of Best Islamic Apps 2022-

There are too many aspects in worshiping Islam that you need to follow seriously to get closer to the faith in Islam. In this blog, we have mentioned some best Islamic apps 2022 that will help you to access the best Islamic content and explore spirituality at its best.

Muslim Pro App

Muslim Pro App

This is the most popular Muslim app that has more than 110 million users worldwide and is used in most Islamic nations including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Yemen. It is considered the best app for most accurate prayer timings. Apart from it, the app offers much crucial information regarding Qibla locator and Islamic Hijri calendar. The app offers visual and audio notifications for prayer timings where you can choose among different muezzin voices.

The colored Tajweed helps you to improve your pronunciation while reading Quran and Tasbih to count your Dikhr. The app also has an animated Qibla compass that shows the exact direction to Mecca from your location. There are several beautiful Islamic greeting cards that you can send your friends and family members and to anyone who uses Muslim Pro app.

Muslim + App

Muslim + App

This another exceptional and one of the best Islamic apps 2022 that gives you most accurate prayer timings with Quibla direction and native translation for Quran. There are various Arabic scripts and audio recitation of Quran that will help you get deeper understanding of Quran. This amazing AI-powered Islamic app offers complete information on entire Islam religion where you can explore various crucial aspects of Islamic faith including prayer times, supplication, Qibla compass, Tasbih, Duas, and also Islamic Hijri calendar.

You can easily read complete Quran Majeed 114 Surah along with 30 para part. The app also allows you to listen holy Quran in Arabic audio with 4 different Quran reciters. It offers exact Salat timings including Fajr, sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, sunset, Maghrib, Isha, Israq, Chast, and Iftar.

Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed

The latest version of authentic Quran Majeed offers complete information on Quran in elegant Uthmanic, Mushaf, and Indo-Pak scripts that have thoroughly proofread by Islamic Scholar Aleem.  This amazing app is trusted by over 35 million global Muslims. Using this app, you can listen to Quran by some world-famous Quran reciters. Get exact prayer times for Salah/Namaz with Athan alarm options and offers detailed Ramadan Sehar& Iftar times. Take help of Qibla compass that will help you to find Qibla direction for Salat. You can read Arabic text in hi resolution supporting pich/zoom feature for changing the font sizes.

Scan Halal

Scan Halal App

Another one of the best Islamic apps to download in 2022 that helps Muslims to know whether a food conforms to an ideal Islamic diet. The app simply scans barcode on any food item and compares it with its extensive database to make sure whether a product is Halal or not. You have the freedom to select the standards as per your religious requirements to conform whether the food is in compliance with Halal standards. For instance, using the “Zabiha” setting, you can easily check any food product with the slightest amount of alcohol content, pork derivatives, or any meat products that are non-permissible in Islam. On the other hand, the non-Zabiha allows all non-pork meat products regardless of its cutting techniques.



This is the most rejoiced Muslim dating app that primarily emphasizes matchmaking for marriage purpose rather than casual dating. This is a London-based app that allows Muslims to create exciting profiles and look for single Muslim girls to get married with them. The app is available in 14 languages and has more than 4 million users from more than 190 countries across the globe. The app proudly boasts to help more than 100,000 Muslims users get married till now.

Islamic GPS

This is also one of the best Islamic apps 2022 that you can have in your phone. It’s a GPS-based Muslim app that helps Muslims to find the nearest available mosque around them. However, the app is just not restricted to searching mosques but also help Muslim users to connect with Islamic heritage sights around the world. As it’s a AR-powered mobile app, easy navigation through it is always assured for the most authentic and exact location-based results. You just need to open the app and hold up your phone and the app will tell all available mosques within a radius of 20 kilometers.

End Note

We hope that all these above-mentioned Muslim apps will offer you immense convenience and flexibility to follow Islam stringently and stay updated with latest prayer & fast timings.

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