Dubai is one of the leading cities worldwide. It has got many options for household and commercial services. Nowadays on-demand Handyman services are also gaining consumer recognition in the city. These services are related to household care and maintenance. The service seekers are simply required to contact a handyman service provider from their mobile app. Many Mobile App Development UAE services are associated with such a business niche. On-Demand Handyman apps constitute a perfect business idea. People living in cities and busy urban regions can’t manage time to repair their household appliances and components. They usually need maintenance men or experts to manage such personal affairs. Handyman apps can differ based on the type of service required. The services are getting a higher preference for such app building projects nowadays.

In this article, we’re about to mention various popular Handyman apps used in Dubai in 2022. If you’re planning to move to Dubai for work, or living, you can review these options to improve your lifestyle in the city. We’ll also discuss various services provided by such Handyman app companies in Dubai. Keep reading!

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What Are Handyman Apps & Type of Services They Offer?

Handyman apps provide household maintenance services to house owners. These on-demand home improvement services are catching ample consumer attention in Dubai and other urban regions. As per Technavio report, on-demand home services and improvement apps can do a business of $4730 billion between 2021 to 2025. Likewise, mobile app development UAE is shifting its way to these budding app business ideas.

The relative industry is expected to show a CAGR of 70% in the corresponding period. Handyman apps are divided into the following household services:

• Household Cleaning
• Electrical Maintenance
• Car Washing
• AC Repairing
• Plumbing Service
• Laundry Service
• House Painting
• Salon and more

Mobile app companies can either choose among one of these services or provide multiple services to their target audience. Generally, most app companies go with a specific service and establish a unique market regarding the same. The associated services are also focused on a single business niche.

7 Best Handyman Apps Used by People in Dubai in 2022

7 Handymen Apps List

Nowadays, the demand for handyman service providers is increasing effectively. People can use mobile apps to order such services from their homes. People visiting a new city for the first time find these apps very useful for running home maintenance on their new residence. Dubai is an emerging city of new immigrants and work professionals. In this segment, we’ll represent the top 7 Handyman apps used by Dubai natives and residents in 2022. Let’s start:

1. HomeGenie

HomeGenie offers reliable and trusted home maintenance solutions in Dubai. They’ve got many affordable services comprising- Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Pest Control, Cleaning, Gardening, Painting, Furnishing, and more. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. The company also provides 50% off on the first user order. You can also hire an app building company to start your handyman service like that.

2. Mobile Aid

Though this application is not used to repair a home component, you can repair your smartphone or tablet at your home. You don’t need to visit your device brand store, simply book a repair service at home. The repair experts will visit your home and do their work effectively. It is one of Dubai’s leading Handyman and mobile repair companies. Such application development services can help you bring market disruption like never before.

3. Bellefemme

The next application on the list is Bellefemme and users install it to call the top hair expert home. The hair experts come to the customers’ residences and turn their space into a private salon. You can try a new hairstyle at home and ask them about your preferences in detail. They also bring the best equipment to change your overall face and hair appearance. The relative mobile app development company has to promote all hair care services.

4. Helping AE

Helping AE is one of the most used On-Demand Handyman Apps on the list. It is used for frequent and occasional home cleaning. From quick sweeping to time-taking floor scrubbing, everything can be done through a few smartphone taps. The company employs the best cleaning staff that take care of your household hygiene and goods. The cleaning staff is very reliable. You may also complain against a staff member in case of trouble.

5. GreenSteam

GreenSteam is a renowned car wash service provider company in Dubai. It makes car washing very simple and safe as the service is absolutely On-Demand Handyman Apps order based. The users don’t need to visit a gas station or petrol station to get a car wash service. Moreover, GreenSteam is a very affordable and trustworthy on-demand handyman app. The app also provides bike wash services at home and its washing staff is very skilled and experienced.

6. Urban Company Dubai

Urban Company is famous worldwide for homely services. From AC repair to Bathroom Maintenance, the company has so much to offer. They also conduct Covid Health Tests, Women Salon & Spa, Pest Control, and Massage these days. To hire the right handyman services, you must have a mobile app and Urban Company has built mobile apps for 4 countries- India, UAE, Singapore & Australia. So, they’ve got a good service presence.

7. Get Laundry

As the name suggests, you can find the best laundry service for your clothes and partying outfit in just a few taps. You can order a laundry service and decide on a variety of cloth wash services out there. The company returns your clothes within 24 hours with fresh looks and good fragrance. The quality of cloth wash is known to be amazing and thousands of Dubai-based users are using the app on their iOS or Android device.

Closing Thought

The existing mobile app development UAE services are devoted to such creative business solutions. Hence, you may get to see various new handyman apps in the market in the future. So, plan your visit to UAE or find a job in Dubai to explore the corresponding On-Demand Handyman Apps. You may go through your Google Play or App Store account to find more impressive applications in this list. All the best!

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